how many interviews?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. Hi there,

    I passed my BARB with a ok score i think (59)

    Just a question or two, im sending off my medical form tomorrow, my GP signed it all yesterday so thats all ready to go, im hoping that gets cleared ok.

    1. As regards to you being suitable for the ADSC, does the AFCO/ACIO open the letter and check with the ADSC medical wing or do the recruting office send the medical form to the ADSC for them to check?

    2. Whats the most common medical failues (either from the initial medical form or actually at the ADSC medical.

    3. last question:p, how many interviews do you get, I assume I've got 2 at the recruting office and then obviously at the end of the ADSC event, is that right or not?


  2. come on people, 16 views and no replys, I'm sure everyone who's looked at them knows the answer to all of them!:p

  4. thanks for the very detailed reply, got all my answers cheers.

    one bit did raise my eyebrow though, this ADHD, i thought i had that as a kid and was prescribed Ritalin for 3 months in 1998, and 3 in 1999, and haven't had any since May 1999, i asked the doctor and he said I haven't offically got ADHD, not mention of it on my records as actually having the condition, and even if slightly related, last had pills in 1999 for god sake!!

    so hopefully nothing to worry about, can (the Iron) reply, he sounds like the man I'll speak to in the future, really knows his stuff,

    Even though I support the fiercest rival of the iron im sure we can bury the hatchet ;)

  5. Its all medical in confidence and individual cases but as a rule got to be at least 2 years symptom and treatment free so you should be ok but my advice isnt gospel.