How many in a Battery?

Either Rimmel or Max Factor.

(No, dont worry about my coat, I'll be running too fast to get cold :wink: )


No matter what the answer, 148 Bty thow a spanner in the works.
There are a lot of different types of Battery and establishment tables as mentioned above, if you can be more specific i am sure an answer will be forthcoming.
Redcap said:
What is the make up of a modern artillery battery?
From memory, for a light gun battery at PE:

2 Gun Troops with 3 Guns (7 men each, including driver), Gunline Section Commander (the Troop Sergeant Major) and Troop CP (Troop Commander, Driver and CP Acs/ Signallers)

Battery Recce Officers Group (BRO, driver and a couple of odds and sods)

Battery Commanders Tac Group and 2-3 FOO Parties (4 men each)

Battery CP and echelon (BK, BSM, BQMS and other bods, including ammunition echelon)

About 90-100 all up, a companies worth with 6 guns.

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