How many hotel days on posting?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by catchyerselfon, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. Good day all
    Hoping someone can see me right here, how many days can Me, me Missus the chavs four dogs two cats and a bucket of vindaloo have in a hotel between Posts.
    The move is within the confines of UK mainland.
    Thanks awfully in advance as always.
  2. I got four nights on my last move within the UK. Two nights at old unit location to sort MSQ out for cleaning etc, and two nights at new unit.

    Both Hotels were of a far higher standard than I would have paid for out of my own pocket. Make use of the service, it makes the move a little bit easier.
  3. Cheers Bloke
    Will harass the Alf Garnet Commando det for all they are worth.
    Just how do i pretend now that it is all my doing to Mrs Catch?
  4. Remember to book your hotels thru' the CHBS, otherwise you will be limited to £53 B&B for each night. Keep your CHBS confirmation fax as proof and attach it and your receiped bill to your claim.
  5. Can you furnish me with a link Paymaster?
    Are my faithful Deputy Dawgs likely to be able to reside with me during my stay?
    Thank you
  6. Actually, the rate you are limited to if you don't book via CHBS is £50 per night.

    For moves within the UK you are only entitled to one night in a Hotel. In the UK, it is nexy day delivery on removals. And please remember, the hotel is because your M/Qtr is uninhabital because you kit has gone, not so you can clean it.

    As for the dogs, all depends on the hotel and you can't claim for any costs incurred if the hotel charge you for the pedigree's
  7. Mad, you are out of date by some time, the limit went up to £53 on 1 Aug 05.

  8. Paymaster

    i bow to ur superior knowledge...(missed that one in the last update)
  9. I moved within the UK about 2 yrs ago, had one pooch with me. The Movements Clerk was really helpful, and was able to do a specific search for hotels/B&B that will let you have pooches.. didn't cost any more, and the CHBS didn't bat an eyelid. I also managed to get 3 days in the hotel as I moved over a weekend. Most postings, for some reason, give the reporting day as a Monday. Obviously, you then have to move out of your quarter the previous Friday. I was allowed Fri night in the local area, as removals had gone... and also Sat and Sun night in new area whilst waiting for DHe bloke first thing Monday morning :)

  10. Actually it depends on the distance. Over 250 miles is generally going to take 2 days although some companies bust a gut for you. If that is the case then you can claim 2 nights. Don't forget that you can also make private arrangements in which case you will not need to provide receipts etc. I'm not sure of the exact rate but i think it is approx £25 pppn, plus any DRSA for travelling, i'm sure your unit leave/mov clk will know.