How many heaves

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MatthewH, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. I have been given a date for the 2nd interview at the afco, on the phone the recruter asked me to check how many heaves I can do and the time for the run.

    the running is fine, but whats the going rate for heaves, i can do 8 at the moment in one go. is it how many heaves in 2 min?
  2. Hi mate done my selection on tues, its best effort on them, I got 11. A lad there got three and passed. I think if you can do 8 you will be more than fine, just remember too lock your arms out at the bottom as people got ones deducted.
  3. i asked the exact same thing before i went for selection, just make sure you extned fully and when you start struggling dont "kick" yourself up and when you cant do anymore dont let go at the top just ease your arms straight however hard it may be lol, i got 4 and passed
  4. They are looking for best effort not quantity. Back in *ahem* 1996 on my selection I couldn't do 1 but I still passed. Show 150% effort, grit, determination and willingness and you should be fine. (Probably best that you can do some heaves as well though!!)
  5. The basic requirement is 4 for combat roles. They do need to be good ones, chin up and over the bar then lower to full extent of the arms, elbows locked out then back up. The comments on this are all correct they want to see effort and determination. Fall off the bar after 3 but having been seen to be giving it all you have gets the tick in the box for you.
  6. As cliched as it sounds, practice really does make perfect with heaves.
    I practiced them a lot before selection and improved rapidly.
    However I can vouch for all those who say it's about the effort.
    When I did selection, when my group went to do the strength tests etc I was the last in the line for the heaves.
    The guys in front of me seemed to be averaging between 4 and 8 so when it was my turn I stopped as soon as I hit 11 thinking that because I'd done more than everyone else that I'd breezed it.
    I was wrong though, the PTI wanted to know why I'd stopped when it seemed obvious to him I could have put extra effort in and done a few more.
    He openly praised the lads who gritted their teeth and put every bit of effort into doing 4 or 8 or whatever, but was critical of me who'd done more but didn't show as much effort.
    It was a valuable lesson learned, so any advice I can pass on would be put as much effort into doing as many as possible, don't stop because you think you've done better than you need to and dont worry too much if you really go for it but don't achieve as many as the guy before you.
  7. thanks for that advice mate.