how many heaves

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by signals, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. how many heaves should i be aiming to do? i know im aiming to do as many as popular but is there a pass or fail set number? and also how would i go about improving how many i can do, should i just set targets and try and improve from there? any helps would be great thanx
  2. As many as you can! Just keep doing them every other day, you will soon make progress. Used to only be two required when I joined in 97. However many it is now im sure the more you can do the better. Speak to your ACIO they will be able to tell how many you need to do.
  3. I only managed a pathetic 6. As long as you keep going until you fall off the bar, I was so close to the seventh, you should be fine. In my defence I am only 16 and I'm not too strong because I'm still growing taller, I passed Para, I think it nearly all depends on the run (8:51).
  4. cheers, il just go for it i guess, majik you at harrogate? well done on passing the paras
  5. make sure you do them overhand wide grip (works the lats as well as bi's). Try the 1-7 method ie do 1, rest briefly, then 2,rest, then 3 etc. By the time you reach 7 you'll have completed nearly 50. Of course you can start at a lower no (1-4 is a total of 10).
    Any isometric (ie using your body weight) exercise is good for strength building. Dips and chin ups are great, so long as you perform them slow & deliberate and FULL EXTENSIONS!!!
  6. I don't know about "heaves" but in suffolk they are doing "ho's"
  7. Dont worry too much about the heaves mate, when I did ADSC the guy on the beam next to me couldn't even do half a heave and he still passed!!!! Practice them if you can and you will do fine, just get your run time sorted and the rest is pish. Royal Signals cut off time is about 13:00 mins if I recall correctly (even longer if your going junior entry!), knock a couple of minutes off that and you will fly through the whole thing. Best of Luck.

    Cheers Easy!
  8. Not a wah:

    What's a heave? I'm sure I must have done them but have never heard this term before.
  9. As you have said not a wah it would be a shite one if you do it now.

    However a heave is just another name for a chin up!!
  10. Ho wmany heaves? It all depends on what I've been drinking and how much.
  11. Tempting! No seriously I hadn't heard that term before. Thanks.
  12. "majik you at harrogate?" No I'm waiting for my 17th (March 2007), then Catterick (they wont have me before then).

    "well done on passing the paras" Thank you.
  13. good luck with P Company mate!
  14. majik_stu ??? do you no what date you are joining in march i am joining on 11th march 07
  15. I don't know when I'm joining. My 17th is on the 5th of March, so I could possibly be on the 11th. I hope I am, I can't wait to go.