How many has the RAF shot down?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by the_boy_syrup, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Heres the question
    Since Korea how many enemy aircraft has the RAF shot down including attached FAA in the Falklands

    And how many since the falklands
  2. Not got the figures to hand for the Falklands, but the RAF contributed approx 25% of the pilots for the SHARs and they scored approx 25% of the victories.

    Since the Falklands, they've not shot down any aircraft, but opportunities have been rather limited.

    In Granby/Desert Storm, the F3s were largely kept for defensive patrols. There is strong evidence that two F3s had the opportunity to engage two Mirage F1s running to launch Exocet against coalition ships, but were called off by the AWACS as they were moving into position - this to allow a Saudi F-15 pilot claim the kills, although there's evidence that he very nearly fouled the engagement up. The rest of the air-air work was done by the USAF bar three USN kills.

    After that, there've not been any publically acknowledged air-air engagements for the RAF, although there were supposedly some instances during the No Fly ops over Iraq where they came close.

    Over Bosnia, F3s maintained the no fly zone, but the only time where a breach occurred and the CoC reacted quickly enough to permit engagment came when USAF F-16s were on patrol. Over Kosovo, the F3s were (understandably) used for DCA and the only kills were scored by the USAF (5) and the Dutch (1).

    The period 1953-1982 is an odd one. Officially, the answer is 'none', since there were no instances where RAF aircraft engaged enemy aircraft, or were even in a position to do so. However...

    AIUI there is some circumstantial evidence suggesting that a Venom may have bagged a MiG-15 during the Suez campaign. Also, a Hawker Hunter is supposed to have brought down a MiG-17 during the Indonesian confrontation.

    A Gloster Javelin is meant to have scored a kill against a C-130 during the same campaign. This has never been acknowledged, but there is some interesting circumstantial evidence out there suggesting that it happened - not least the account of how a Javelin returned to base minus a missile. Officially, this had been subjected to an emergency jettison. A member of the ground crew pointed out that the emergency jettison function would have left the aircraft with something (umblical cord? rail? I forget) missing, whereas a genuine launch would have resulted in the aircraft returning with the pylon looking rather like it did on this particular Javelin. He was invited by some highly paid help to not mention this fact to anyone. Ever (but he did, 30 years later on Pprune).
  3. theres a picci a have seen in the aviation press of an RAF Jaguer returning from a sortee during GW1 with one of its overwing Sidewinders missing.
    oppertunity shot or jettison?
  4. Are you including own goals?
  5. I seem to remember from my BAOR days that an RAFG Phantom managed to shoot down RAFG Jaguar - just keeping his hand in I suppose.
  6. The Gulf War Jag with missing 'winder was either the result of 'a few stray wiggly amps' or an inadvertant firing by the pilot who made a switch selection error, forgetting that the overwing pylons had been added under UOR.

    Phantom vs Jag was a result of a switch foul-up as well.
  7. The crabs have not shot down anything in a crab aircraft with the exception of a rumoured Canberra belonging to indonesia in the 1960s since the Korean war as far as I can tell.

    The same question was asked on her about two years ago.
  8. Which would be an achievement, since the Indonesians never flew the Canberra...

    It was a C-130 and/or a MiG-17.
  9. A Lightning shot down a Harrier over the UK after the Harrier pilot had ejected and the Harrier carried on in level(ish) flight.It was the only Lightning kill unless the Saudis/Kuwaitis did something with their Lightnings.
  10. They managed to let a Sidewinder loose from a Harrier on the ground in the Falklands I think.
  11. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Regrettably yes - 2 injured, and some tu*d is trying to jolly up that story on another thread. Doing badly, I'm glad to say.
  12. Oh....... so the RAF....... (much like the paras in another thread) are operationally redundant in the air to air role..... best stop your training for a few years too......... :roll:

    think of the savings Mr Brown....... :twisted:
  13. Except that big Tone wants the ability to shoot down airliners with terrs in them!
  14. The Lightning/Harrier shootdown was, I thought, supposed to have happened over Germany - with the emphasis on 'supposed'. The Harrier's engine ingested a bird, (which came to rest on the compressor) and had a bit of a sulk. The pilot couldn't restart it. He therefore departed via Martin Baker's gentleman's emergency conveyance, only for the gas from the seat motor to shift Tweetie Pie's remains from the compressor, at which point the engine started working again...

    It flew on until it ran out of fuel and crashed, having been pursued by a pair of Lightnings and then by an F-104. The pilot's account is here.