How many five year olds could you take in a fight?

According to the link, 36. But I am certain I could take more than that. 5 year old kids lack any actual strength to hurt you, and one solid blow would disable that kid from being any further threat. I'd happily go for 50. Anyone want to set this up?
32 - Must try harder! :oops: :twisted:
"You could take on 25 five year old kids in a fight."

Halo, I reckon we could double that number if we ninja'd up together.
35 whens the flight to Jersey :twisted: :twisted:
38 but then i have bloody good reach and lots of martial arts training and no problem using a small child as a club.
And i thought this thread was about 'taking' 5 year old's.....damn!
27 for me - huzzah!!
Stokey said:
I scored 27 too. Mrs Stokey only got 14, so I made her go and re-tile the roof as punishment.
Shame on her!!!

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