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How many five year olds could you take in a fight?

You could take on 34 five year old kids in a fight.

I believe two things have helped me here. My ability to block out all morals a go for eye strikes on the little beggars.

Too many sessions of Public Order training gone wrong has increased my "Used to being swarmed" average.
My score was 31, but I definately could take more than that for real. I think my score would be more like 50. It says knock outs, but if you kicked one really hard, you'd shatter his bones.
My score was 29......... Yeah, yeah, yeah, what a poof !

Probably would have been more, but I´m obviously not a 6ft 4 gym queen with a reach like a gorilla :roll:

By the way, what kind of questionnaire is that when I´m not allowed to use a baseball bat to make up for my lack of reach ? :twisted:

Bit disappointed with this I was hoping for one of those wee games I could have a merry afternoon belting things with a club and sniggering behind my screen.

Anyone remember the Yeti smacking penguins on to landmines, with the enviable aim of getting the most distance out of the corpse that was around a couple of years ago? Any links?
23, but if i used one as a club (by the ankles technique) i could go for Multiple casualties.
Im sure that fighting 5 year old isnt covered by the geneva convention either so come on medics step up!!
cuckingfunt said:
Certa_Cito said:
By the way, what kind of questionnaire is that when I´m not allowed to use a baseball bat to make up for my lack of reach ? :twisted:

Yes, but the five year olds would have baseball bats too!

(Little ones) :wink:
Plus theirs would be the little blow up bats and mine would be a big fücking hefty wooden thingy :D


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Reviews Editor
What a disgraceful and disgusting post!

How many of us are fathers or grandfathers? Have young brothers or sisters? These small and very precious bundles of joy that bring love into your life and ask only for you to love them back, and here is a "game" asking how many of these small, fragile and precious beings one can beat in a fight!
It is morally bankrupt, sick and disgusting!

I only scored 22
30. Bollocks. I could do better than that in real life. 5 year olds are sod all use in a fight except against other 5 year olds. When was the last time one of them won Ultimate Cage Fighting?

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