How many fat sickies will it take to mark the BFT

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by error_unknown, Jan 16, 2002.

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  1. Rumour has it that the college doctor has been beseiged by fat sickies trying to bluff there way out of tomorrows BPFA. As a liberal sort of girl, i have no problem with this. Sure they wear the same rank as able bodied people, get paid the same and always push to the front of the scoff queue, but hey, why not? Guys, relax, as long as they are happy and can be used as justification for the RLC to procure a new heavy load vehicle then everyone's a winner!

    Remember, everyone is equal!
  2. I'm not....
  3. Ohhh yes you are..... :p
  4. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Remember,  There will always be the need to have the  less able in the Army to make the rest of you look better!

    That includes those in the RLC, certain nice but dim Cav Officers and of course all those from the College-in-the-North, aka Welbeck
  5. When I was at school, "good at sport" was a euphemism for "thick".  Unfortunately, sometimes you meet people who try to look better by slagging off other people for what they're not good at, rather than just getting on with their own lives.

    What training objective does the JCSC run fulfil?  Does the rather predictable outcome of the run prepare you any better for command or staff?  If they want you to demonstrate how fit you are, why don't they just make you bring along the results of your most recent BPFA?
  6. Why bother going on JCSC at all. Just bring your PRAC TAC result from Sandhurst and a note from your mum.

    Dear Army Man,
              my special little soldier is just perfik for command and looks lovely in green etc.

             love Mumsie

    Excuses like  "I'm not fat its my glands" are wearing a bit thin I suppose your glands made you eat that extra bit of cake at NAFFI break did they? Take responsibility for your own actions

    It might not seem important sitting in a staff job hunched over a desk, however physical stamina and fitness are crucial to command and earning respect.

    How are you supposed to order soldiers to conduct personal training?
    How are you supposed to order soldiers forward if you can’t even keep up at the back?

    Courses wouldn’t need to run fitness assessments if students on course arrived fit.
    Yes I was “good at sport” and even my old man is adamant that I am thick but I can still write joined up and colour in between the lines. I don’t see fitness as the end all be all of military existence. It is key, otherwise farm out staff jobs to civvies and give them a brief about the Army to fill in for their lack of experience.  Those who try hard to overcome a lack of natural fitness show a sense of courage and dedication that is leadership.