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How many ExPats are here?

I got to wondering when someone else from the USA posted...

How many Ex-Pat Brits post, (or lurk - but if you post here you won't be a lurker any more...), here?

Obviously, I'm one... :D
Cracow, Poland.
F*cking dump!

Only here because the Poles are gullible as f*ck business wise, the brothels are cheap and it gives me the opportunity to strut around Kazimierz, dressed as Heinz Guderian accusing the locals of being 'Ballastexistenzen'.
I'm taking a vacation from being an expat for the first time in 6 years.
I was looking forward to getting hold of some white fanny but what the fcuk is the deal with these ruff as fcuk tattoos and incredibly fat pigs wobbling everywhere.
The animal who lives next door has thongs that would clothe a Vietnamese village.

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