How many different types of army boots have you worn?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by diehard57, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. I was thinking about this the other day and came up with the following worn from 1969 to 1994 (ACF & TA). In order:

    As a cadet:-

    Ammo Boot (£1-14s-11d) from Cohen's Surplus Store in Tottenham)
    'Commando' Boot (with the screw on sole)
    Cadet 'Ranger' Boot? (had a integral leather gaiter with two buckles)

    and then into the TA:-

    DMS Boot
    NI Urban Patrol Boot
    US Jungle Boot
    Boot Combat High (1st Version)
    Boots Combat High (2nd Version)
    Assault Boot (1st Version)
    Assault Boot (2nd Version with speed lacing)
    Magnum Boots
    and finally a pair of George Boots

    So how many have you worn?
  2. I'll bet those cold winter nights just fly by.......... :roll:
  3. Once the stores didn't have an 8M so I had to wear a 9M.
  4. I'm just surprised he was thinking...
  5. So how did you get all them daisies in yer locker, then? And did they all have "L" and "R" in Tippex on the soles?

  6. AAGF


    Ammo Boots with the hand-hammered in studs on the soles
    Boots DMS (Dem's My Shoes)

    That's about it ...
  7. you get out much then? :?
  8. Either I'm going to get loads of flak for this, or find out I'm not alone. At one point I had in my room in Germany:

    2 prs BCH mk2
    1 pr Pro Boots
    1 pr Asslt Boots
    1 pr cordura sided Danners
    1 pr leather Danners
    1 pr Matterhorns
    1 pr US Jungle Boots
    1 pr US Desert Boots
    1 pr Dessie Wellies
    1 pr Ammo Boots
    1 pr Mess Wellingtons
    1 pr George Boots

    Where the hell did I put them all? Other than on my feet of course.
  9. Knee high in leather...oh hang on in UNIFORM...wrong thread :)
  10. I can't wait for your next thread.

    'Beret sizes over the years?

    Favourite stable belts?

    How many times you've saluted to the left?

    WHats your favourite firing point to pick up empty cases?

    Next time you get dicked for dixie bashing get your mate to leather you with a ladle.
  11. What a sad fckn thread.....

    flip flops
    tartan slippers
    boots combat high


    hot water bottle

  12. You're trying to take the urine Minister_Doh_Nut, but it dragged you in deep enough to post!

    Edited - need to take contacss out of eyes
  13. How can you take the piss without posting, I wonder? :?
  14. Drill boots with studs. Very good to hoof you in the knackers with Diehard.
  15. This has got to be one of the saddest threads I have ever seen. MODs, can this become the inaugural thread in a new forum specifically for sad threads that deserve their own resting place?

    Perhaps it could be called 'Care in the Community'?