How many days a week do you run to get fit as f*c*?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jonny36, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. How many days a week do you run to get fit as f*ck?
    When I was in my early 20's I remember going out nearly everyday, though these days the leg muscles feel more strained.
  2. What a bone question.

    Run until you can't run anymore, then rest until you feel as though you can do it again.

    You will find over time that you can run further each time, and the time between runs decreases.

    You will eventually be running every night, for as long as you can.
  3. Run until you can't run anymore.. and before long you won't be running at all. I learned to be wary of overtraining the hard way.. got injured and had to delay my application 7 months.

    I run usually every other day: thirty minute run, (rest) speedwork, (rest) long slow jog (rest) and repeat.

    30 min run is usually at about 9 min mile pace, long slow one at around 11 minute pace for 6+ miles, and speed work is generally intervals between 100 and 800m.

    Mind you I am not "fit as f*ck" but this cycle works pretty well for me. Hopefully it will continue to work well as I have the AOSB(B) in early March!

  4. If you want to get running fit, best advice I can give would be to join a running club. The training is structured and progressive and a decent club will cater for your ability. If you are anywhere near Liverpool then Liverpool running club is great. I got really fit in a short space of time with them.
  5. Cheers Jay.
    I have been running 5 days a week but I keep getting various pains. I am going to try day on day off. I run a 7 mile circuit with a bergan run at the weekend.
    I am giving it max effort however my times are not improving greatly but my waist line is!
  6. JayCam is right - you don't want to injure yourself. When I was 16 I ran 2 days in a row, then one day rest, continuously for about 6 months - by the end I was incredibly fit, but held together by support bandages and zinc tape.

    Now I usually go out 3 times a week, 5 miles each, sprinting for 200m every km.
  7. i'm with jaycam on this one. i used to run 5 days a week and cycle on the weekends. nothing like three months on the sick with nerve damage in your thigh to knock it out of you. when one morning you cannot walk more than three steps without collapsing in agony you know its time to throw a few rest days in
  8. Yeah running at max effort all the time isnt a good idea... also: 7 mile circuit with a bergan? Each to their own but I wouldn't do that very regularly. Contrary to popular (para) opinion, running with weight isn't very good for you and unless you are super fit allready I wouldn't be doing this, at least not for 7 mile circuits.

    Also what kind of distances are you running 5 times a week? If you are getting ahces and pains lay off immediately coz they will 100% get worse.

    You dont get fitter during your runs, you get fitter during your recovery.. No recovery, no gains.

  9. I was that Soldier; I used to run 6 miles, 5 days a week...wearing lead ankle weights! 8O

    Result was, after a few months of this insanity, a stress-fracture in my left knee. And no running for at least 8 weeks. :crying:
  10. Jonny a day off doesn't have to be a complete relax day. Use the 'day off' from running as a chance to cross train, get swimming, cycling, hiking, rowing, weight training, ballet :-D etc etc

    Running is incredibly hard on the body, although it's also superb at making and keeping you fit, one must treat it like sex - once it starts to make you hurt, STOP!! Once you get fitter you could go out for longer or more often but rest is VERY important and you must incorporate it into your regime. Whether it's complete rest (doing nothing) or active rest (cross training) you've got to include it!

    Also you don't need to be doing max effort on every run. Pick a target for each session of either distance OR speed OR time rather than trying to beast yourself for all three in one session.

    Distance = aim to run 4 miles non stop in good form (leave the watch at home!)
    Speed = fartlek training or get on a track for a session
    Time = aim to be out for 1-2 hours getting sweaty, speed and distance take a back seat as they will invariably increase with the time you spend on a session.

    Keep it simple!
  11. Nice advice. But your pacing seems quite slow are you sure this is right?
  12. Yes my times are shit at the moment. Been distance training for 3 months and suddenly found I cant run a mile faster than 7 min! Was absolutely gutted so have changed up my program to this one the idea is that its based around the speed work session and the other two are just "maintanence" runs.

    6 months ago it would have been 9m/mile for the long run, 8min/mile for the short one.

  13. Mag_to_Grid, where in Liverpool?, I live near Widnes but can travel easily and really need to get fit.
  14. running wont make ur fit it will make u slim but weak,u will have loads of stamina but no power.

    Just find a balance do loads of squats and dead lifts and run 3days a week 1 day beening 5000m with 200m sprints then 200m walk and that would get u fit as F by next spring just dont fall on the ice or u will be fat as F
  15. I'm with Predator on this one, what are your goals?

    Your definition of Fit as F*** may be anything from Charles Atlas(Showing my age!) to a Kenyan distance runner.

    I'd guess its not just running fit as you mention Bergen runs!