How many carry bags for Phase 1A

Hi all,

will be doing my consolidate Phase 1A reserve training soon. Including my Bergen and black kit bag, are we allowed to take another carry bag to put all of our other necessary equipment (sanitary stuff etc) in or am I supposed to somehow find space for this in my issued bags?

thanks (sorry if this is a stupid question - as you might imagine I don't want to make a bad impression as the first thing I do)


If you really need an extra bag to carry then crack on. I wouldn't bother too much with civvy stuff that may make life more comfotable. You're only there for a week, some will be there less than 24hrs.
No such thing as a stupid question by the way.
Enjoy and good luck.
I was more thinking of the extra things they require you to bring such as a sewing kit, first aid kit, spare batteries, bin bags etc. I've been told by my unit that I probably wont actually need many of these things but to take them along anyway.

Thanks for the advice.
Take what's on the list. If you need more bags then take them. Unless you're going by train (you shouldn't, your unit SHOULD take you). When I did mine in June, people took all sorts of kit.


I started my modular Alpha a couple of weeks ago.

I took a boot bag with my other pair of boots in, plus a suit bag with my trousers and jackets already ironed. Wasn't a drama.


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The discerning traveller would take something like this;


on a serious note take as many bags as you need, however please make sure they are capable of carrying their contents without breaking apart. The number of recruits we had with cheap bags that were overstuffed. sometimes there was a trail of kit through camp as people leaked stuff as they staggered along resembling a jumble sale on legs
Managed okay with just one nike gym bag, oddly enough my kit was easier to pack away on the way back, probably because the training staff showed us how to properly ram our Burgens full with as much kit as possible.

Thanks for the advice however, looking forward to Bravo now!
Out of interest, where did you do Phase1A?