How many cadets get to go on cadre from each unit??

Discussion in 'ACF' started by tobi08202, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. Hi, can some one tell me how many cadets
    Get to go on NCO cadre is it 3 or 4?
  2. No. It's a secret. We'd have to kill you after we told you.
  3. Awe bless,

    Every tinpot dictatorship (aka cadet unit) will make up its own rules, show some ambition & initiative; ask an instructor in your own unit.
  4. You would be well advised to take this enquiry to the Army Cadet website at: Army Cadet Force . com instead.

    It's undergoing maintenance just now, so if you find it down for a while, then try again later.

    It's a more age-appropriate site for cadets, which I think for are, and people there are far more helpful with ACF enquiries.

    If you hang around here, you'll be vunerable to abuse and corrupted beyond repair, honestly! It's a favourite pastime on this forum. Adult instructors are given a difficult time here, they wouldn't show any mercy to a cadet either.

    Best if you heed this good advice, ok.
  5. What he said.

    nob, fanny tits etc
  6. Help me eat packet of sweets while I explain! - or, you could just ask your DC.
  7. Well, in my county.....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  8. Doesn't it involve some sort of test involving a golf ball, a garden hose and some amyl nitrate?
  9. It all depends on the cadre and the county, mate.

    And how many instructors they can muster for the course. Usually it is allocated fairly amongst the sub units. So find out how many can go, divide by units and there you have your number.
  10. ... called Stephen
  11. You neglected to factor in the amount of viagra pills per instructor, and whether any of the cadets will be wearing lingerie.
  12. That is without doubt the most sensible answer you are going to get on this site.

    For a less sensible answer.
    If you have nice boobs or a pert bottom and can keep a secret you need not bother with a cadre, you will be promoted anyway, unless you are ginger in which case you have no chance.
  13. Hey, come on now, don't just single out the Royal Marines Cadets fella!