How many bods through the door.....

#1 you need to get one trained soldier?

Just wondering really, what percentage of recruits who you attest actually end up as trained and useful members of the unit?

One if your recruiting team are up to scratch ;)

The real question is how many bods do you need to get through the door to have 1 three years later.

Could also extend this to ask how many enquiries to national hotline/website translate to how many bods through the door to how many trained soldiers to how many in 3 years time to how many FFD/FFM personnel when the trawl comes round to how many VRSMs in 10 years time?

Solve that one and you can have a job at the Army Recruiting Group.

Or be a TA 1 star

Or Superman.

There are too many variables to give an answer to this which is meaningful at anything below regional level. Everyone within the CoC - recruiters, trainers and commanders at all levels - have a responsibility to ensure the final figure is as close to the first as possible.
I will try to answer this only in relation to me and my unit (the only independant unit in the South of the UK and part of a composite Reg/TA Regiment).

From my own experience, my passing out parade (which was a corps specific course, nothing like CMS(R)), had eight from my unit. After a year there were five left. After 5 years, there were two, and I am now the only one left to claim the VRSM. Granted SDR occured in this time and a couple were asked to leave and one joined the Regs and one left to have sprogs.

We now have a ratio of 2.5:1 on selection weekends. i.e. for every one person that actually can be arrsed to turn up after all the phone calls/letters etc, we ask 2.5 people (don't ask how we get the half person! - I am looking at the stats now!).
As we have quite stringent entry requirements (as we all do - I hope), for every 3 of those who turn up, we will usually accept one. The others being nutters, loonies, or do not come up to the stated entry requirements for the Corps - those who fail this requirement are usually offered other tasks, usually chefs, but if they are "close" failures and don't want to be chefs they are passed onto other units.

Pre Iraq, many would leave within 18 months. Some you would never see after their two week basic. This being the fact that they have achieved their goal of passing basic in the first place. And others being that they didn't want to go to war.
Post Feb 2003, we have close to a 90% retention post CMS(R). This being that they KNOW the risks, because it is drummed into them on their first telephone interview that they have a high chance of being mobilised, intelligently or not. This is in the ethos of the unit, in that 73% of the unit have been on ops in the last three years - only the Telic 1's were not intelligently mobilised to a degree - and it is now almost expected that you will go on ops (not just Telic either, we have had guys go on Op Althea too).

As stated in other threads, I would rather have one person selected out of thirty who would stay the course, even to the five year bounty, than 30 who stay for a year.

Maybe I should make myself a bit clearer; I'm not trying to find out figures for the whole TA or anything, I'm just trying to find out what sort of ballpark our newly formed unit should be playing in, as I have been tasked with a recruiting campaign over the summer.

For example: We got a block of 12 'proper*' recruits join in October/November last year, of these, 6 completed Phase 1, and are waiting to go on phase 2. My gut instinct (based on knowing them) is that 1 or 2 more are likely candidates to leave over the next few months, leaving us with maybe 3-5 soldiers from an original intake of 12. Does this concur with other units experiences or not? Are we doing better or worse?

One thing that is noticeable is that of our original 12, all the people that have left have been locals, whereas all of our students have stayed, and generally been of a higher calibre in terms of fitness etc. Presumably there are high calibre locals we could recruit, but we don't seem to be looking in the right places.... :? Ideas?

I should add that we are Inf.

*By proper recruits, I mean new to the armed forces. We have also acquired a selection of TASO's from the OTC, some ex OTC as privates, and transferee's from other units; as these have all already proved a commitment to the Army in some form, they should probably be discounted in terms of these figures.

You should get as many as you can in, don't worry about maximum numbers, establishment or any crap like that. Extra resources will be made available if you are successful.


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