How Many Beers until Fatima Whitbread would get it?

After a beer induced discussion in the bar last night we were left pondering the question:

How many beers would it take until Fatima Whitbread would get it?
I don't understand the question, since when do squaddies need beer to get their end away?
Who said it was the squaddies doing the drinking?
She's got big muscles so, If Fatima wanted it, would you have any choice in the matter.
I used to have very low standards and drink rather heavily when I was younger. Nowadays however I`d probably be dead from alcohol poisoning before anyone could get me to mount Fatima...:puker:

Noooooooo this is just wrong, I had very low standards whilst serving but I like to think that I have moved the bench mark a little higher now,then again!!.

Beer? Stick a ginger wig on her and I'd have a go on that.
It will take quite a few whitbreads be for I could give fatima one. It will be snatch 22 I reckon. Mind you she mite have a big sensitive clit mmm

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