How many Arrsers are currently doing porridge?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Shittypants, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. I've worked in I.T. for the prison service & can assure you that aside from the "open nicks", this holiday camp environment you allude to, does not exist. People will sneak internet capable phones into prisons, but it's by no means permitted.

    By the way, I'm not in prison, it just feels like it.
  2. Can they connect to the internet any other way?

    Education classes or work release?
  3. They're not in prison, they are in their sheds
  4. A better question might be 'How many ARRSE'rs are starting shit threads in the NAAFI in a laughable attempt to draw attention to their idiotic and frankly doomed crusade which has been roundly derided by all and sundry'?

    Can someone tell me?


    Disgraceful of Australia.
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  5. Dear Disgraceful

    In reference to all and sundry, was that you and your mates in the Vinnie's queue?

    Get a job bludger.


    Taxpayer of Australia
  6. I recently watched a series about a high security prison in UK, and granted, it wasn't a holiday camp, but it was as such for prisoners. They got to sit around playing cards, watching tv, phoning home, doing courses, getting paid and generally having a good time. One even got married. To me it seemed that they were having an easy life. Now obviously everything wasn't shown, but it is not the first time I have seen/heard such things. Now if they were having a hard time, not getting paid, not allowed phone calls, not allowed to do courses for free that non criminals have to pay for, not allowed to sit around watching tv playing cards, getting married then I may just agree with you.
  7. Some prisoners do have a very limited access to the internet as part of training courses etc., however this access is EXTREMELY limited (keyword/site/email blockers) access and they are directly supervised by their tutor. Certain categories of prisoner do not get access at all.

    If a prisoner is released into the community for day release, they are not permitted to access the internet; but this cannot realistically be controlled. If a prisoner is being allowed out for work experience, he/she is probably not far off release anyway and enjoys a certain level of trust from the establishment.

    I am by no means an authority on these matters, so please do not quote me on them.
  8. I work abroad & have two sheds at home, I miss them terribly.
  9. you could always make a model shed to take with you.
  10. It must be terrible for you, working as a journalist in a right wing police state where the god given right of the press to tap phones, steer politicians and create any story it likes is under question.

    Hasta la mentira siempre!
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  11. 'How many ARRSE'rs should be doing porridge?' is more like it.
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  12. Why are you linking to a two year old Daily Mail article of all things? The passage of time rarely gives this rag any more credibility than the woefully low amount it starts with.

  13. Fixed that for you! :)
  14. From the article "But a survey by Napo estimated". That's because no figures exist for the real number of HM Forces in prison due to the data protection act each and every prisoner would have to agree to the data being collected. Plus you'd then have to verify that they did actually serve i.e. longer than basic recruit training.
    Although a well hard mate of mine is in the nick in an ex warsaw pact country. He was stitched up by saving a woman being attacked and someone got accidentally killed, but he says it's the dogs knob, no work and as much sex as he likes.
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