How many arrse threads are there in this photo?

  • In v out
  • Up v down
  • Commonwealth soldiers
  • Watches
  • Berets
  • Politicians v Army
  • Army v Air Force
  • Overweight VVSOs
If only one of them had a certain rifle, another dressed as a woman, another a brexiteer . . . . . you get the idea.
I was given an inhaler, but never had to use it...
'What camouflage pattern is that'?


I'm waiting for the first "I would" comment.

Especially with those four pairs of tweetie-boy lipth...
'What camouflage pattern is that'?
ZimDazzle. Although straight lines are unusual in nature, ZimDazzle is used to great effect by rendering the enemy ineffectual due to guffawing. Simple, yet deadly at the tactical level.
Can I take my fireplace to phase one training with me?
Looks like the start of a 419 email story to me...

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