How lowcan some people get

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. I've copied this from another site I visit so excuse the spelling (the lads ex RA!) Perhaps Blair and co should read this when harping on about how crime has fallen over all in the UK,

    walking down peckham rye lane and 6 little black boys shoved an elderly ladie to the floor and grabbed her bag.not content with having the bag they gave her a severe kicking.anyway me and shopkeeper grabbed one and the others fled.
    the police arrive a few minutes this time we are souronded by a load of black men and women trying to grab the boy from us and let him go(they didnt get to close as i had my puppie roman with me and the pitbull is none to fond of being crowded)anyway this went on for maybe 10 minutes.

    the surprising thing?
    as we were souronded and being told that we should let him go,we were being racist etc.nOT ONE FUCKIN PERSON HELPED THE OLD LADy.
    all the people were worried about was this little afro scroat.

    beggers beleif dunnit
  2. The Luton riots some years ago started for a similar reason - picking on a drug dealer just because he was black. This was the phrase spouted by his drug dealing mates, many of whom were white (and had also been lifted in the past).
  3. Yes, it bloody does. However, I was expecting the story to end with the familiar, 'the Police cautioned us for man handling the boy and took us down the station to be charged'. Such annoying crap is often reported in the media. That really would have started the revolution.
  4. SCUM protects SCUM, the colour of the skin their in doesn't matter...
  5. Spot on Cuddlebunny, drug dealers are all scumbags, regardless of colour or creed.
  6. Which site was this copied from?
  7. Very, very true and very well put!

    The latest victim being 45 year-old Christine Walker, only she was arrested by Bradford Police and then died in a Police Cell!

    Since 1969 over 1000 people have died in Police custody and not a single policeman has been convicted as a result of any one of those deaths!

    Such abuses used to be handled by the Police Complaints Authority but their uselessness and complete lack of credibility led to the creation under Police Reform Act 2002 of the so-called: 'Independent' Police Complaints Commission which became operational on April Fools day 2004.

    They are so independent that they are funded entirely by the Home Office and each of their members are appointed by the Home Secretary! The investigatory leg-work is actually carried out by the Police themselves who exist to provide 'support' for the Commissioners appointed by the Home Secretary!

    This was seen, for example after the shooting dead of an innocent Brazilian electrician by London's finest. The IPCC were unable to function because the Met refused initially to cooperate with them!

    The government seem to think that if you put the word: 'independent' in front of anything then Joe public will actually believe that it is!

    You can bet your sweet life that no policeman will be held to account for Christine Walker's death despite the intervention of the IPCC than anyone will be convicted for mugging and kicking an old lady on the ground!

    Scum looking after it's own is not a creature who is an exclusive inhabitant of the street. You will often find him in an official position sitting behind a desk left to do as much damage with his pen as the thug achieves with his boot!
  8. This country is just going down the pan non white people get red carpet treatment just incase being treated like the rest of us offends them. We already cant show St Georges cross and their thinking of getting rid of it. Immigrants get free housig cars etc; where as our homeless get nothing its this kind of thing that makes me want the germans to kick off again just so i can stay in BFG for the rest of my 22.
  9. which site was this from?
  10. Makes you wonder why we serve our country.
  11. yup - what would all our ancestors who died fighting Nazism think of the current crop of racist filth trying to peddle their vicious ideology in our democracy?
  12. Oh here we go :roll: , I hope this isn't based on the OP as it sounds like a lot of BNP manifesto c*ck. IF it is true, and a link was supplied, it would a tragedy to the old lady regardless of her colour or of her attackers.

    'their thinking of getting rid of it'. Who is? The last few stories I've heard of anyone getting rid of the St. Georges Cross, it is the people who's supposedly 'offended' by it asking out of disbelief why the heck it should!
  13. That's why Im outa this fecking shite hole of a dump country. Ethnics rule the roost.....I think the BNP have got some good points.
    "Ruled by Europe, Ethnics rule the waves, Britain should be very very afraid".
  14. Well, I heard that the Church is has already put forward a proposal to replace St George with St Alban and that so far it has been well received.
  15. What site did you get this from? Seems a bit dodgy.