how low shall i go!

hi, im currently trying to get fit enough to join the TA, and being a big fat knacker, i need to lose quite a bit of weight. i am 6' and at the minute i weigh 19stone. ive managed to drop 1 stone in the last 5 weeks so its all good at the mo, but i need to know what the maximum acceptable weight will be for someone of my height to pass a medical. i keep getting told different things by the different units ive spoke to, including the one that will be doing the medical! some say its all done on the bmi scale, some say it just needs to be close, some say it doesnt matter as long as im fit enough to pass the tests and show willing they will get me through!!!
if anyone can tell me the weight i need to be aiming for, or tell me where i can get a definite answer it would be most helpful.
many thanks
I recently heard that it was down to a BMI check, but I have since heard that they have moved the goalposts on this. I know of a guy who was quite large (played prop) who did what you mentioned above and just proved he was fit enough, but he did slim right down. Im 6 foot and 15 stone and I do ok
thanks, i was looking at around the 15 stone mark, but i think on the bmi thats still just above the ideal weight. i didnt want to go to all the effort of losing 5 stone only to get turned down at the medical.
but like i said, its all going the right way so far, 1 down, 4 to go!!
Good luck matey. Keep at it and shop around. If one unit turns you down, try another.
your in a similar position now that i was at the beginning of the year, i've read a few of the comments on this topic and your other topic and there are a few pearls of wisdom there, ignor the TA doom merchants and crack on with your fittness, i knew a wanted to make a stab at the TA this year and worked on my fittness before going to my local TA, it's helped me keep up with the young 'uns (a bit).

if your still struggling to shed the pounds try holland & barrets fat metabolisers there about 8 quid and you take 2 a day, i''ll get some massive abuse for that comment but it helped me, maybe start counting those calories as well, i do.

i normaly say that i'm a wannabe and a walt but i'm really still in, best choice i've made in years, should of done it years ago.

...but what the hell do i know
Right, just done this. It was not assessed on BMI only. The Medical Officer had a table showing heights and weights for different builds. It did not have BMI figures on it as I recall. The variations allowable depended on build. I was assessed as large build (44-46" chest, 17 1/2" collar, 36 waist, 34 leg.) 6' tall and weighed a touch over 15 stone. This put me in the upper side of the scale but was still a pass. If I was of medium or lighter build the weight would be expected to come down.

For reference my BMI must have come out at about 29, just short of obese according to BMI but nobody would seriously call me obese. The nurse at my GP reckoned I need to lose 7lbs, the Medical Officer reckoned I was fine.

Of course, although I was assessed as "large build" many guys of my height are much heavier in the upper body and I assume this would also be taken into account.

If you aim for 15 stone I think you'll be OK unless you're a blob on a stick ;)

I think this should give you a good guide to go on. Hope it helps.
also... bmi as "standard" does not take into consideration frame, or muscle. There are many 14 and 15 stoners at 6" with not a inch of fat on them.
BMI is a bowl of nuts. As has been said, if you have muscle on you, the results are skewed upwards.

As its for entry, why don't they just base the requirements on a BPFA? The fat knackers won't finish it (and the ensuing MI will remove them from the gene pool :twisted: ), and those who finish can go on to the next stage of the application.
Dont worry about BMI its a load of bollox.

It is a guideline only. I am the other side of that line, built like a stick but still get the job done, its just the way I am but my BMI is 18.0.

I was tempted to transfer to the RAF some time ago and did the full medical only to get told that they cant take me as I`m outside the BMI range acceptable (this was by the president of the medical board).

I told the people at the selection centre to "count me out" then and I will stay army, they backtracked like fcuk when they realised that I was going to transfer in my trade which at the time (and still are) they were DESPERATE to fill slots. So rules got changed to accomodate me!

Then I told them I had changed my mind the cnuts!
Thanks for the discussion. Good stuff.

I'm in the same place mate. 5''10, 18 stone. Just recently started training to join the TA. I was a bit worried about the BMI thing because I've always been a bit heavy no matter how fit I was.

I agree with the BFT/ACFT idea. If you're fit, you're fit.

Good luck with it.
thanks for all the support and advice, although it seems im not the only one confused by the bmi bollox!
i wish it could be done purely by a fitness test, because i know that if i keep training the way i am, im going to be fit enough to pass long before i get light enough! lol
i was told once by a guards recruiting sergeant that it used to be that way but then the health and safety guys got involved and said you had to be within the bmi because if you got shot and someone had to carry you to safety, they could hurt themselves if you were too heavy!
anyway, im sticking at it, its bloody hard going but if i keep at the pace i have been i reckon i'll be there in about 6 months.
thanks again
Hey lads, I'm reading all this and its taking me back a few years... I was 19 stone in 2005, smoker, heavy drinker etc etc early grave and all that...

((Without trying to sound like a weight-watcher story... ;-) ))

Since then I quit smoking, cut down on the booze (a lot) and lived in the gym for 3 and a half years. Im 13 stone now, and feel great. I can run like a mad man and feel stronger than i've ever felt before. My aim was to join the TA at the end, i'm almost there and cant wait.

Trust me, if you ever feel like you cant do any more, you can, and the reward is immense. If I can do it, any one can. Keep it up.