What is the worst thing that a squaddie would do for money? what is the most horrible thing anyone has seen in the sqn bar for a bet? or whats the best man test you've seen?
answers on a postcard to this thread.
By the way, if anybody remembers seeing a lad finger poke an entire chicken and mushroom pie up his rectum for EU50 in traz a couple of years ago you will get the jist of this thread.
In fact, come to think of it, I'm quite a sick individual to be asking this.
The was a bloke I served with who had a party trick & he done it at a darts night up at RAF Kinloss.
It was how many 10p peices (the old ones!)he could fit down his foreskin! I think it was about £2.00 odd & funnily enough no one wanted the 10p's back after that!
Funnily enough, I don't see anything wrong with the pie up the bum or reclaiming your coin from a guy's foreskin. I've seen stuff that squaddies do for PLEASURE that are more toe-curling than this stuff done to make a few bob.
I think this belongs in the NAAFI...

Myself I'm very tame... 7RHA leaving a pile between a couple of landies for someone to tread in the next day... apparently it's "their thing". Limited experience of squaddies is obvious...
Did get up on stage at RAF Wittering and drank a pint of p1ss - but it was for charity - somebody gagged when i offered them double or quits
i have seen in the naafi bar in krefeld (sigs) a bloke clean an army issue bog brush that was full of sh1te with his tounge! retch i threw up along with half the bar.
Hey Slopey Shoulders, please tell me he got LOADS of money for that!!!!
And OSACIN .... was it his own p1ss???
it was all about whose "job" (trade) was the best, and who would do what ,when you are in germany as a single soldier you tend to drink and do daft things a lot more than the average civvy in uk - why - cos its cheap as chips!!
Used to snort raw eggs and the occasional oyster. Cleared an oyster bar in Singers doing that once. The trick was to get some drunken wise@rrse to go seconds on the oyster and watch it blow it's lunch.

Embarressingly tame, I'm afraid...
bovvyblonde said:
Hey Slopey Shoulders, please tell me he got LOADS of money for that!!!!
And OSACIN .... was it his own p1ss???
good lord no - had a whip round in the bogs - and as for the bog brush stunt - sure it wasnt brown sauce - as ive seen the same one pulled with a tampax and tomato ketchup (cunningly blended with brown sauce to get the right colour)
With the aid of fishermans friend we once filled a pint glass full of spit which was then consumed by a certain member of the group.
Once saw a German ' exchange' win a night with a hooker after he ate 6 blue urine cakes from the men's room on a bet..kind of lame in retrospect, but back in the day...
not a stunt for money but a lad was given a suspicious looking beer bottle. To cries of down in one in front of the whole batallion the bloke stood on a table and downed the whole lot in one. Turned out it was a full bottle of some extra hot pepper sauce and he spent the rest of the night puking up.
snorted a line ot vodka off the bar in akortiri and watched my brother (RAF Egg Op) challenge a civy to a boat race of whisky.... we swapped one of the civies glasses for vinegar....

1 2 3 go - bang bang bang - neck n neck - bang (next one is vinegar) blurghhhhhh..... no fair cries the civy.... so my brother grabs a jar of pickled onions, pops the lid and drinks the lot leaving a dry jar of onions and returns to the whisky to take the taste away.

bet a chunky in JHQ he couldnt eat a sh1t sandwich, he did, cost me 50 feg.

Ok, for this one equipment is required: talcum powder, a table-top fan, a table to put it on and a dog. Nominate someone as the beatmaster. Set the fan to sweep a 45 degree arc and place it at one end of the table. The remainder of the group dust their faces with the talcum powder and assemble at the opposite end and kneel down, resting chins on the table-top (freckles-style). The beatmaster then turns on the fan and holds the dog behind the fan such that its knob is pointing directly toward it. He then, whilst carefully watching for any rule infringements on the part of the participants (flinching, closing mouth etc) wänks the dog to a shuddering and very satisfying orgasm. Leaving the dog in a post-orgasmic heap he can then count the spunk hits (the talcum powder comes into its own here) before sending the loser off to the bar to get his fine in :)
couples of lads had a mice sucking competion in GV in Bos 97 sucked the insides clean out :lol: :lol:

another tp of engrs had the "skip licking & puddle drinking" competion down at DJ Bks during the same tour.

not one bloke got sick either :!: :!:
Ever played pass the whistle? start off by someone dipping a whistle up his arse throws it however catches it blows it then sticks it up his arse and so it continues gets a bit minging after 20 insertsions 8)
Alreet Threaders, one mantest challenge i got was to launch myself out of my block window and into a tree. Had had a few to many stella's and bounced off the tree fell into the carpark knocked myself out and cracked some ribs. Think that was a ten pfeg bet.

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