How low can will these animal rights activists stoop

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smoojalooge, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. Looks like the low-lifes have won
  2. Words fail me.
  3. fcukin yankers
  4. There was a recent TV documentary about the saga: I can't remember the exact figures, but there had been c.300 protests requiring policing and c.700(?) crimes recorded at the farm and nearby village - vandalism, burglary, arson, the grave-robbing, etc - but not one arrest or conviction.

    With the recent exception of the apprehension and prosecution of the alleged grave desecrators, it seems that there has been a complete failure to uphold the law. What the heck were the Police doing all these months/years?
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

  6. Would appear police infiltrated Dads4justice OK. About time they got a result from the insider in animal liberation.
  7. I never call these lowlifes activists. In my opinion, they are animal rights terrorists.
  8. scum

  9. Perhaps these activists will publicise a freepost address like the Lettuce and Carrot Scoffers (LACS) did for donations. Then we can send them ess-aitch-1-tee through the post that they must pay for.

    On a more serious note, these animal rights activists are no better than the I love russia brigade from the cold war. We all know that if
    ivan invaded UK and they were about to ravish a granny of the I love Russia brigade they would become the most fanatical anti-commies going.

    Same with these bunny hugging <insert your insult of choice here> if they were diagnosed with a disease and the only cure was one tested on a guinea pig, in a laboratory, do you think they would die before having treatment? Like FUC* they would. They would be demanding it as their human right! the piece of shitts. No doubt they would justify hammy the hamsters suffering as a necessary sacrifice in the war to free animals by helping him to live longer. More rank w-anchorness.

    A thought to bebate over. By closing the guinea pig farm they cause a person to die because a drug was not tested and approved quick enough that could have saved them, are they guilty of manslaughter? Byh their actions a person died, think it over.


    So you think the appropriate response for uncivilised behaviour is to post shit through a letter box.

  11. In the case of these so called activists sh1t is too good to post to them
  12. If you know the names and have the addresses of the culprits then you should inform the police. However to suggest arbitrarily posting shit through the letter box of an organisation (which like many others has the misfortune to have become a magnet for fuckwits) is no better than thinking it's a jolly good jape to post shit through the letter boxes of british and US armed forces based on the crimes perpetrated by a relatively small number of fuckwits in abu ghraib and a few others in the royal fusiliers
  13. Nonsense and other comments!

    There area variety of "Animal Rights" (dam Right they're animals...) groups who exist to create trouble. Nearly the entire organisations are the above mentioned fuckwits. Those organisations are set up by and for said idiots.

    They don't care about animal rights; if they did they wouldn't trash the countryside to the extent that they do, nor would they torment the guard dogs. They also have a tendency to only appear at set times of the day or when a news crew is going to be in the area. They are only there to cause trouble. all of them are the scruffy, unshaven, great unwashed that you see stomping along in unlaced combat boots with the jeans tucked in sipping from a can of Foster’s Loitering with intent outside of the local DSS offices.

    There's also the fact that nearly all of them are on benefits as well. If they’re well enough to go "Protest" (I use the word in its loosest possible form) then they’re well enough to look for work. We've often thought that a DSS Sweep of the area outside of a number of locations, would net allot of surprising results and significantly reduce the social security budget of that county.

    There are two other types of Protester's, the PR man, who at heart is one of the above, but he wears a suit to confuse people, and The Genuine protester. I've seen some of them, but they are a very rare breed. Last time I saw them they had belief in their convictions, standing on the other side of the road quietly holding their placards all day from about 0800-1800. and before they left they got a bin bag and went round and tidied up as much of the litter that the other mob had dropped as they could.