How low can authority sink?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by old_fat_and_hairy, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

  2. Personally I'd rather have the 3 week lie in at HMs expense than pay the fcuking thing, but I have to ask, why don't the council just send in the baliffs to seaze goods to the value of instead of plumping for court and jail time - it only leaves them more out of pocket!
  3. A bigger question is why are dole scroungers usually better off than those on pensions? Why should some w@nker who can't be arrsed to get a job get his council tax paid whilst a pensioner who has worked most of their life have to pay it?

    Why do those on the dole get housing benefits? Give that extra cash to the pensioners, regardless of whether they own their own house or not!
  4. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Pensioners are an easy target. We still have a generation who are -as a rule - respectful of authority, subservient to government and a belief in fairness, justice and law. That will change over the next twenty years or so, and grey power will become more militant. However they will still be an easy target for the courts since they have little bargaining or lobbying power, and are less able to physically offer resistance. And, since they are domiciled, easily locatable and unlikely to resist they will be much easier to prosecute.
  5. Because the rise in prices of food, fuel and council tax only affect the old?

    He's a necky old godger trying to pull a fast one, i say hooorah for Euthanasia. Give the coffin dogers three strikes and if they fail to pay pack them off for a medically-assisted cant say fairer than that?
  6. I agree, they are a very easy target. But when it has come to the point that a pensioner has been taken to prison due to non payment of tax, yet some little chav w@nker just gets an ASBO for theft etc, then it goes to show where the authorities put an emphasis. The message is you can be as violent and as much of a nuisance to your estate, but beware should you not pay any tax!
  7. It effects them less, they sit with a blanket on their laps, only have one bar on the fire on, they haven't got modern central heating and only eat stale bread and the odd rich tea biscuit.

    THey don't drive because they are dangerous and remember 'when all this was fields'

    He was RAOC, therefore a stacking trog and workshy........ prison is the best place for him.

    Stop buying purple rince, stop blowing money on trinkets for your fireplace and pay your bills
  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The only sanction for non-payment of council tax is imprisonment. Nothing else. Yet, there are countless numbers of payment dodgers who are never prosecuted, and they tend to be the ones from a lower social order. Ok, unemployed may not have to pay, since it is included in their benefits, but there are a substantial number of employed who have defaulted, yet no prosecutions seem to feature. Unless of course, it is just the samples that we hear of are the ones likely to increase indignation. This may well be the case, but it does not detract from the fact that since the state pension has been devalued, and private pension schemes destroyed by Brown, older and retired people are finding it harder to carry on.
  9. So lets off them.
  10. Cait, when would you like me to go?
  11. You're just all heart aren't you Cait?

    A true sapper :D
  12. Not entirely true, I don't pay until I am forced to do so.

    I make them threaten me with insolvency, attachments of earning and imprisonment.

    If they want to take 2.5k a year off me in Council tax for emptying my bin, (nipper in private education) and providing a Police service that takes three months to attend then they will be made to earn every single penny of it.
  13. £2.5k a year council tax, FCUK ME, there some fcukin money in deviancy isn't there.
  14. £2784.20 to be precise, which fcuking grips me, because I still only get one bin the same as the others, and I am less likely to call and use the police, unlike those in Band A who beat their wives and have their children taken into care.
  15. MDN just wants you all to know he has a big house. Next he'll be asking where he can best get spare parts for is Aston..........oooh look at that, there seems to be a Breitling watch on my wrist... :D

    He made his money by exploiting the old.