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  1. I have finished my selection and thankfully passed.
    How long does it usally take too do the oath and get you're number?
    Im going in september at the army foundation college.

    many thanks.
  2. i think its standard to have your oath 3 weeks before you leave
  3. Oh right thank you very much.
    Any other people think they can brush up on the facts please feel welcome too come and comment.
  4. If you've just joined (and congratulations BTW) I would suggest you drop the L\Cpl bit of your username before you get tagged as a walt.
  5. L/Cpl and not even taken the oath yet, fck me you will be a Colonel before you know it after taking commision at the 2 year point.

    :tp: for the shi*e you spill
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.