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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by caino, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I did my ADSC selection on monday/tuesday and passed for all my career choices, my first being int corps. I was just wondering how long it would be before I was called to Chicksands for my int corps selection, and if i were to pass that, how long it would be before i would find myself at pirbright.

    Just a question as im stuck in the middle of my exams at the moment :x
  2. Unless its changed around, would have thought you'd do you int corps selection after basic training (not necessarily Pirbright, winchester maybe)
  3. No you do the selection before basic now.

    And to answer the question it can vary.

    Your own personal start date for Phase 1 will depend squarely on your medical being cleared and passing Int Corps selection ( don't sweat it a monkey could pass - and often do ;) ) Once that is out of the way you will be called back to swear allegiance at your careers office.

    Often starting Basic within 4 weeks of doing that but probably less, prob 10 days after swearing in.

    Int Corps squads run every 3 months so expect your call sometime soon.
  4. Flash to bang you will be sleeping in the field within 4 months :D
  5. .. and understanding what flash to bang means.
  6. I think I was misunterstood I know I have to do the int corps selection first. Maybe my english skills arn't up to scratch.

    And no, winchester is for junior entry only now, ill be going to Pirbright for 14 wolderfull weeks of champaigne and cheese :)

    and i presume flash bang does what it says on the tin lol!

    Thanks for the replies.
  7. I am not a monkey...I am a trained ape...but my spelling, punctuation and use of the shift key is better than caino's.
  8. It's true :(
  9. The whole process for me has taken roughly 6 months, see the 'recruitment, familiarisation' thread for more detail...someone has just made a similar post to yourself.
  10. I've done 14 years and still don't know what that means! :wink: