How Long !!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wheelchairwarrier, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. To celebrate our wedding anniversary I have just telephoned the local Chinese take~a~way.
    I placed my order for a romantic meal for 2 ( yes including a # 69 :) ) the young lady then told me it would be 2 hours…….. 2 hours FFS. Would you deem this acceptable, how long would you wait ?
    In the mean time, we have crisps .

  2. They are waiting for the local cats to have their Whiskers and get let out.
  3. A chinese takeaway for your anninersary! You tight fisted cunt! 8O

  4. It's because he's had his wife chained to the bed since they got married. It makes going out a tad difficult.

  5. Tight fisted and ignoring the love of his life by logging onto Arrse instead of logging into his wife!

    I would make your wife drive to asda and buy the food then cook it naked for you.
  6. You really know how to show Mrs WW a good time dont you, take her out to dinner you old skinflint...i just hope you bought her a good pressy, and thats the reason the only thing you can afford is take-away...
  7. Fallschirmjager wrote
    "Och Aye Moon" not paying for a table cloth and chairs when we have them at home , no tip either ,not that I would , besides my eating habits are quite disgusting. Anyway I'm planning something special for the 25th anniversary, yep I will have it delivered instead of collecting it .

  8. I've just noticed that you're Scottish. That obviously explains your tight fisted antics. :D
  9. scotlass wrote
    Yes I did get a her a very nice pressy, its combined with birthday/ Christmas has 4 wheels all of them driven, comes from Japan and cost me an arm and a leg, (lucky I had a couple spare then.) and we will pick up our take~a~way in it.
    LordVonHarley.. ARRSE is the love of my life :lol:
    Tartan_Terrier.... the bed has little wheels, though I would get funny looks shopping in Tesco's
    Fallschirmjager at first look I miss read your last, tight fisting antics, Hmmm

  10. Fecking hell, those Jap's are smart making a mobile washing machine/cooker!!!!!!!
  11. Ta Daaaaa !

  12. You bought HER a vehicle to pick up YOUR take-away and run YOUR errands?

    Good drills!
  13. 2hrs? where's it coming from - Boddam?
  14. Hey WW, good on you... at least you remembered your anniversary :roll:
  15. I find haveing to wait 25 minutes unacceptable.