how long???

Discussion in 'REME' started by samnad, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Hi all im new here im wanting to go into the reme to do vehicle mechanic , i have visited my local office for an informal chat but what do i do now and how long will it take (if everything runs smoothly) to get in.
    Also i have got a holiday booked for the 1st august do u think i will have completed my basic training before then.
  2. Good WAH samnad, booking a holiday just before joining up!
  3. FFS pull your neck in and give the lad a chance. If you go back to the careers office you can ask all the questions you have. Before you go sit down and think of all the things you want to ask and write them down as it's a bit intimidating when you're young but remember that the recruiter is there to help you get into the army. Just be sure that you stick to your guns about what you want to do. Good luck and congratulations on choosing a fine corps and a good trade.
  4. First off I'm NOT a lad I'm a lass and second of all i booked the holiday about 1 year ago it's a big family wedding. so i couldn't just drop out ok.
  5. Ok then so its not a WAH and to appease the crinkly wrinkly i would advise the following. Deferring your joining date as it would be very difficult to predict when you will pass out due to your own performance and naturally ATRA's hectic time table. I say this as it is apparent that the pre-organised holiday is a priority and you dont want to be worrying about trying to fit it in at the start of what may be a long and illustrious career. Plus it gives you a few months to train and study! Here endeth the sermon.
  6. I wouldn't worry about the timing at all. On a realistic note, if all you have committed to at the Recruiting centre is an informal chat, there is not reason that you can't arrange to start your Basic training after the holiday. As already said, this will give you a good lead time to make sure you are well prepared and fit enough to pass the tests and get through training without getting injured,(which apparently is one of the biggest problems the recruits are having). Also, the end of August/start of september is not a bad time to spent hours/days outside doing Phys, feildcraft lessons, exercises, etc..
    Good luck
  7. Just a few questions samnad,

    1. Why do you want to join the army??

    2. Why do want to join REME??

    3. Why do want to be a VM??!

    My advice before committing to join this great Army and Corps be very aware that its f*** all like Mr Career bloke has told you (snigger) If joining the Mickey Mouse brigade is your aspiration then i recommend Disneyworld Florida. If you want out of date trade training in out of date establishments then crack on!!!
  8. OK CplBadboy, get back to work... the fries are burning
  9. Valid questions above - the rest was sh*te.

    Not questioning your reasons for joining and looking at this trade in particular just curious about them.

    You may have already looked into what you want to do but maybe asking for advice on this site may help to confirm this is the trade you wish to undertake for the next ** number of years.
  10. Oi Bink

    Your one of those boring people who love nothing better than working within the wire dont ya??? Army Barmy i think they call it. The thing is what ive said is true.. so get over it and bore off you sad litttle man. YAWN!!!!! And the fries joke has been and gone a long time ago. Now my boots need shining and you seem the man for the job, ya love that dont ya??!!