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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ASBO_OR_ARMY, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. I put my paper work in for transfer summer of this year and have been accepted for transfer after all the interview proses i have had an email directed to my OC that i have been accepted into my new chosen core but that is it i have no idea when i will be loaded onto a course and no clue as to what else i can do can anyone help??
  2. I hope it isn't the Education Corps with a paragraph like that.?
  3. no mate never was very good at england!!
  4. LOL......................
  5. According to the DM(A) letter of 15 Mar 06, "The soldier, if successful, will transfer to his new cap badge no later than 4 weeks after the APC decision. The transfer date will be set between the gaiing and losing MCM Divs"

    Reference is D/DM(A)/311 dated 15 Mar 06

    You had better contact your MCM Div - or have a word first with your RCMO who will have a copy of this letter and the Directory of Vacant Soldier Posts.

    By the way, who would have thought there are such things as vacant soldiers!!
  6. Cheers codger although most of that just looked blurred to me !!
    My OC has told me that if i want to do anything i have to go through him first which is utter bo*locks if you ask me but hey "im just a sprog" according to him.......tit ive been in the army longer than him!!!
    Oh the joys of the army!!
  7. Soldiers are entitled to direct access to the RCMO, where established. Otherwise, what's the point?

  8. Not in any of the Units I have been in.

    Obviously they do have access to him, but usually through the CofC, the decision stems from the fact that on first inception the RCMO was inundated with random soldiers continuously bugging him for postings etc.
  9. So now the RCMO, the CO's advisor on issues of retention and staffing in the unit, is being prevented for having sight of the degree to which personnel are dissatisfied with the management and want out... because the soldiers have to go through that management to get to see him.

    Great. Yet again, an attempt to drag regiments into the twenty-first century is stymied by middle managers, frightened of the consequences of their own incompetence.

    Bloody typical.

    RCMOs are being bugged by soldiers who want posting? Really? Well, rather than prevent his valuable web-surfing time from being interrupted by these "time wasters" perhaps the RCMO might spend some time finding out why they want posting. Perhaps there are common threads. Do they all come from the same squadron or platoon? Is there some barrack-room gossip going around about bad stuff on the horizon? Perhaps soldiers are being misinformed about their rights and entitlements and the RCMO should get in the Pl Comds' in-trays and educate them. Perhaps one or two should be referred to the UWO before they end up doing a runner the night before deployment.

    Or perhaps we can just make the soldiers go through their bosses to see the RCMO so he never gets "bothered" with these little inconveniences and our fighting power continues to be degraded by tiny minded victims of the Peter Principle.

  10. Good points.

    Should an LE be doing the RCMO thing? I don't know - common sense dictates that an LE would be the best placed individual to deal with the concerns of a young soldier, but I have yet to see any tangible results from the RCMO position. Perhaps if a DE was put in there, or better still a civilian HR manager (possibly an Ex-RCMO who is free from other OJAR pressures), and the preconception that a junior soldier should be prevented from talking direct to the RCMO, then things might change.

    The problem is, that it is easier and quicker to process the amendments to the terms of service paperwork and let the youngsters bugger off, than what it is to address the issues causing concern.

    Appalling cynacism I know - but there may be an element of truth to it.
  11. There are some RCMOs doing a great job. I know one inf bn which has stopped losing so many good guys through the RCMO helping them. I think a LE is probably best but another e-mail here suggested to me that maybe a word with the local IERO as an outsider might be worthwhile. He/she may well have the Directory of vacant Soldier Posts and the application to transfer forms or could get them.
  12. I tend to believe that the distinctions between LE and DE officers are artificial. What makes an RCMO able to do his or her job is the combination of the right person in the post, the right training for the job and the right unit ethos to support the role. Plenty of DEs are completely unsuitable, but so are plenty of LEs (doesn't stop them getting given teh job, though).

    Let's wind this back to the original question in this thread before we go too far OffT:

    The Sqn/Coy OC is responsible for the training, readiness, morale and fitness of his personnel. A soldier who wants to transfer is, naturally, of concern because he must ask himself whether this is due to the soldier's professional objectives or to some underlying problem. However, the typical "RMAS" response to this issue to try to solve everything himself. In a unit with an effective RCMO, this isn't necessary: refer the soldier to the RCMO who will have the knowledge and training to assess the soldier's needs and expectations, as well as being outside the reporting chain, giving the soldier the freedom to discuss issues that may be pertinent to the Squadron/Company.

    Handling a transfer can be complex and time-consuming as ASBO has discovered, and an OC is a busy man with many demands on his time - you can bet that his attention will not be focused often on the awkward b*gger who wants out of his squadron! And, of course, ASBO knows that his boss is a busy man who doesn't want to be hassled every day to find out when his posting has come through, which leaves our poor soldier hanging.

    An RCMO, on the other hand, doesn't write your CR - so knocking on his door every morning with a cheery "any news, sir?" isn't going to make you look like a tw*t.

    Not every unit has an RCMO, of course. And ASBO may in this situation. There was originally a "nodal" system set up to provide all soldiers access to a qualified RCMO within their local area. But I know that many RCMOs are fighting to NOT be the local RCMO for their capbadge. This is pathetic, frankly. You might as well say: I'm not interested in retention, manning and professional development of my colleagues; I'm only here for the pension. But the result has been that the default in units without dedicated RCMOs has been to give the job to either the Adjt or the RSM.

    If ever there was a recipe for disaster, this was it. The Adjt is the only officer in the unit even more busy than the OCs and what soldier with any sense of self-preservation is going to tell the RSM "Thanks, Sir, but I don't want to share the capbadge to which you've dedicated your entire adult life anymore - can I trade it in for a different one?"

    So, back to ASBO: either he is in a unit with no RCMO or he's in one where his access to the RCMO is restricted. So what's the only sensible option left to him? Ask ARRSE.

    Brilliant. Well done, the Army.

  13. Cheers for all your comments and advice guys.
    When i first started the transfer process my unit RCMO was on op's so i was directed to a local battalion one who made the time to come to my unit and interview me but after that first interview i havent heard anything back from him it was like once he knew why i was transferring he didnt give 2 monkeys about me, and i had to phone him up to get any answers.
    I dont like hassling the OC but feel it is the only way to get any answers (which i still havent recieved) im tempted at the minute to sign off just so some one higher up asks me why im doing it!!!
  14. No one will ask - and if they do they won't listen to your answer, and if they do listen they won't take any interest, and if they do take some interest, they won't do anything about it, and if they do something about it, it won't be what you want.

    Only pull this stunt if you are prepared for the the OC to say - "Sign-off, err.... OK where do I sign".