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  1. does it usually take for the medical forms to clear.. roughly?

    sent my forms from me GP off y'day so they should have em within the next day or so.
  2. how long is a piece of string.
  3. They get paid £65 for ticking those boxes you know? Plus 'expenses'.

    A re-think of career choice may be in order.
  4. yeah the GP does

    am on about the medical people in ADSC or wherever its been posted to

    so i can get the all clear for the RSC
  5. Took me 3 months+.
  6. kin ell

    didnt think it'd be that long like

    all the boxes were ticked no.. apart from when i fractured me wrist

    so hopefully it wont take long...
  7. They were all ticked for me...But, I was delayed I guess by the fact that I had only just registered with the doctor to get the form filled in, as I'd moved into the area recently, and I never go to the doctor anyway (maybe 6-7 years since I went).

    So I think getting my records or whatever from back where I used to live and also from a surgery which no longer exists took all the time.
  8. it takes between 4 to 6 weeks for the medical form to be processed after that around 1 month to go to pirbright.it is a very slow process
  9. It can be quite quick actually, once the ACIO have your forms, they post them on to the ADSC, if they are clear then the ADSC will E-Mail the ACIO and they should give you a ring as soon as they know. Keep harrassing the Careers office and they can speed it up a little.

    Good Luck.
  10. cheers mate

    i posted it last thurs anyway..think it was second class so they prob never got it until monday

    will give em a ring in 2 weeks if i dont hear anythin.
  11. It's much quicker now....i had my GP fill it out in front of me and was signed and given back.....i had them into the careers office the next day and they delt with it.

    Where are you off to anyway....?
  12. yeah my GP filled it out for me there an then aswell

    an i posted it to the careers...

    dunno what ya mean when ya say where am i goin lol?

    infantry if thats what you mean...
  13. ACIO jus rang

    got the all clear :D

    goin in on fri for a job brief ...
  14. just done my BARB test today and i'm sending the medical stuff to the GP today.

    What regiment do you want to join chris?
  15. Cheshires mate