How long??

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Geordie_Pride, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. Quick question. I know its not set in stone but how long should it take from doing BARB to having interview?
    Did BARB test 2 weeks ago (got 78 ) and i'm still waiting.
    Hope you can help

    Geordie Pride
  2. Well done on the BARB test result!
    Well after you've done the BARB your medical and your references need to be checked out. The usaul waiting time is about 4 to six weeks so you'll be waiting a while more.
    I did my BARB on the 25th of August and i'm still waiting for my interview (though that is parly due to my GP taking to weeks to send off my medical).

    p.s i got 92 on the BARB
  3. I did mine roughly 4 weeks ago, and I'm off to RSC next week.

    I got a tragic 50
  4. Well, I did my BARB on the 20th July, and Im still waiting for my Med Questionaire to be cleared, and have my interview... so thats about 3 months!!!!!!!
  5. I had my interview four weeks after my BARB test, too. I only scored a 78, but it got me my job choices.

    Really good BARB test score there, Rowums ;)
  6. You only scored a 78? I'd be well chuffed with that!

    But ermm I've always said I'm *cough* academically challenged... :wink:
  7. Well thanks for the help everyone. Rowums, how the hell did you get 92??!! Well done anyway.

    p.s. what are you all wanting to join?
  8. Me I want to join the RADC
  9. good luck at rsc charlotte
  10. Thank you very much
  11. Haven't got a clue what BARB is but I assume that if you got 92 there were no questions like:

    How do you spell usual, two(?) and partly?
  13. No it's more like an IQ test, and I suppose I really should check my spelling.
  14. Come on Murielson, if you are going to pick up the spelling, at least finish the job and correct his/her grammar (MS Word spelling and grammar had better be right or I'm dead).
  15. Two points;
    1. I am Male
    2. Spelling is one thing buddy but picking on some's grammar is just not cricket :lol: