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  1. Just wondering how long after training can i change regiments. I have chosen paras and royal welsh. But dont think im fit enough for paras. I want to get in asap so will end up going royal welsh
  2. After training? Why not change before phase 1???
  3. Have you passed PRAC?
  4. Because i dont think im fit enough to go paras. Was hoping i could use the time in royal welsh to train . got my adsc end of month
  5. you goin to glencorse on 30th november?
  6. Right well firstly you need to meet the requirements at ADSC to get to the next stage to be a para, the next stage been PRAC which is 3/4 day course at catterick that para applicants have to pass to get to depot. So these 2 tests will tell if you're fit enough or not for paras. If you are not then you can try again or switch to line infantry or guards before ph1.

    Dont go down to ADSC with thoughts of transferring at ITC. If you know your not fit enough for PARA now then speak to your Careers Advisor and get advice off of him and get some proper advice from people who know. Its good having a back up of an infantry Regiment if you dont pass PRAC post ADSC though.
  8. Not to sure about date but they said they would try book it in end of month for me but im sure its at lichfield mate
  9. I dont want to trasfer straight away. once i have done all training. wanted to see if i could transfer. really want to get away from swansea aswell. the more time i spend here the tmore hings messing up my head.
  10. To be able to transfer from the paras you have to be in the paras, which means you will have passsed ADSC, PRAC, PARA CIC and P-Coy, if you pass all of these then you are obviously fit enough for the para's.
  11. If I lived in Swansea I'd want to get away too! Do you know my mate that lives there. His name is Taff Jones.

    Anyway......what exaclty do you want? To change regiments, or not? You want to go through the Para regt training (though you don't think you're fit enough to pass) then transfer, despite possibly not passing out anyway?

    I suggest you stay off the glue.
  12. sorry my bad. I want to go to the paras. But know im not fit enough. so i was thinking if i go to the royal welsh push my self as hard as i can. then once done my training transfer to the paras.

    Need to get out of swansea soon. really hate it otherwise i would of trained then gone for paras
  13. I know para training is harder than line inf/guards but you will still need to get fit to join them.
  14. Im fit enough to get in to royal welsh. Its just slacking on my mile and half but about 1 min. and i know its gona take a while to get it down.
  15. Best thing to do get as fit as you can before ADSC and try and do all you can to get an A-B grade, anything lower will result in a long wait for depot as i presume you're already aware there are plenty of recruits to chose from so the army have the luxury of picking the creme of the crop and not having to accept every tom, dick and harry who walks into the AFCO, not that im calling you tom, dick or harry ;-)