How long?


Hey guys. Around the time you give your application in to you go to basics how long does this take? For the infantry this is.



Impossible to say really. A number of factors can affect your app. Medicals, Selection, Vacancies etc etc.
It seems to take most people inc. me 3 to 4 months. Could be longer.


I went in last thursday for my first talk with my recruiter.

Today i took my BAARB test and got my doctor to finish off my medical forms, recruiter said i should be at selection mid to end of feb.


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Started applying april 08, going into basic Jan 09


3 to 6 months is standard time!


It's taken me so far 7 months. I still havn't been given my adsc date as waiting on medical forms. It would go so quickly if the doctors could actualy do something quicker than a F!"$*£G SNAIL!


Suedehead said:
pennanboy said:
its taken me over 2 yrs but i know a guy who was in,in under 2 months

how has it taken that long/!!

well i applyed when i was 17 am now just abot 21 so its 4 years realy but i only put down the apllying time!
i applyed and then tore all the ligaments in my knee(ouch!) and i could barely walk for 6 month! after 9 months i was fit enof i started it all again!
but was defered for a year cos of my knee damage!
then after the year i reapplyed after a year was half way through my girls friend at the time(boot) begged me not to go! so i dropped out!
learn from my mistake!there will be more girls! if she loves u she will let u do what u want to!
but 6 months later she wen on holiday with her mates and i was fed up with my bar job so i applyed and told her when she got back! she hit the roof! hahaha honestly was brilliant! but i told her i was doing it!
but they re sent away my medical stuff and it took over 3 months! dunno why???
when it came back i had to do a 3 month fitness diary! then send it off again! and it took them months to give me the all clear to send me to selection centre! but i passed 1st time,i got a 71 on my barb,full marks on my maths basic skills,and about 5 wrong on my english 1!(not great at spelling)
so it was woth it! am away on the 9th of feb! cant wait along time comeing!
rant over gd luck to evry1

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