how long with your regiment?


my boy is still intrested in being a gunner, how long do you serve with each regiment/battery before moving on to pastures new or do you spend entire career with one regiment /any info i can pass on to my boy will be great
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Yeah topper thanks for that, his lad wants to be a proper soldier so canter away please :wink:

OK back on thread

Firstly you tend to join a Bty rather than a Regt, yes there is a lot in Regt ID but its not unheard of for a Bty to move Regt, and if a Regt disbands, the Btys tend to amalgamate or move (not always unfortunately)

When you join your Bty you tend to be there for life/career unless you want to move or an appointment moves you, the latter is normally towards the end of your career if you are a Warrant Officer. The only reasons for moving for personal reasons are either

a. Want to be a para/commando
b. Have issues in the Regt
c. Location is problematic ( I know people moved due to disabled children, ill relatives etc)
d. Change of discipline (fed up of guns want to go UAV etc)

In my career, albeit 12 yrs Regular, I was part of 4 Btys in 4 Regts, I moved from my first because the Bty and Regt went into suspended animation and joined the second one. Of the other 2, one was on attachment for a tour and the other was voluntary for an arduous course. In reality I was only in 2 Btys, that took up some 10 yrs of my life,the others were temporary, and I wouldn't have gone to the second one if the first didn't get cut.


cheers for that, it just says on the RA website that 29 recruit from here (cornwall),so will he become a commando gunner wether he wants to or not,my old man was 33 light para ,so he knows nothing of the modern army and is,nt much help, if he goes 29 do you have to do the all arms bit?or can you just not be commando trained? i think 1rha or 19 look good ,but what is he allowed to join?
Hoping not to get wahhed

No he doesn't have to join 29 unless he really wants to, 29 Cdo and 7 Para RHA are pure voluneteer regiments, however if he fancies the challenge he will join a fine Regt.

Although there are catchment areas, its based on his job choice, so if he wants UAV or GMLRS job then he will be posted to the relvent Regt, providing the slots exist
He should get a presentation on the Regts and roles at either Pirbright or Larkhill, he doesn't have to join up with a Regt in mind, but he does need to that a Job that he is interested in.

Once he has decided and presuming he is accepted, he will get Brigade/Div patch, stable belt and other regimental accroutments with his joiners pack.
Soldiers stay with the Regiment (because they could move Batteries within from time to time) they join for their career - as they reach SNCO they may move, as posts become more of a Royal Regiment bag (i.e Staff Sergeants and abiove may move around depending on job vacancies).

Officers move every 2 to 3 years.

Catchment areas or Recruiting areas are loosely distributed among the Regiments, but you don't have to join the Regiment your area is affiliated to - as it is 29 Cdo, everyone can volunteer to go there and yes you do need to be Cdo trained to stay - if you fail the course I think (don't take this as gospel) that you get another chance ad then go to your "shadow" regiment.

He will choose his RA regt at Ph1, following presentations, discussions etc. He may not want to be a Light Gunner, or Cdo trained, so wouldn't go 29 unless he volunteered, regardless of being Cornish.

Good luck to him


thankyou lads for the replies, it helps to set in your mind what you want when you join up; so this has helped him with his choice of regiment,i have just got to help him decide on what path/trade in the RA cheers all

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