How long will you live ?

82 which is pretty cool and a virtual age that is about 10 years younger than i am (i lied in the questions). This is OK provided i don't roll a 7 in Afghan.
Biological 41
Virtual 28.4

Life Expectancy.
Biological 75
Virtual 87.6

That's if my operation in September doesn't kill me off. What a boring life I lead.
Biological Age 33 (in 4 days anyway)
Virtual Age 27.4

Out with the bin bags 79.6.

I'd better give up the fags.
Cigarettes as well I suppose.


Book Reviewer
Biological age 26

Virtual age 12.7???? I suspect a (small) number of women are bricking it about having had sex with a virtual minor :roll:

Wooden overcoat booked for age 87.3

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