How Long Will the British Army stay In Germany for?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by sa69er, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. I was curious as to how long the British Army is to stay In Germany for?(the Reconnaissance side)
  2. No one will leave until Wolfgang runs out of bratties, seriously though read somewhere recently that Bergen/Hohne is g/teed for 20 years under the agreements with the boxheads government. Ah the delights of downtown Bergen on a saturday night, the shouting,screaming, piles of vomit, urination in local shop doorways, and all this from the pads wives when the blokes are away. :D :D
  3. Once the logistics are in place, rebuilds of Tidworth etc, the plan is to be out of Germany by 2035. The AAC will be out of Germany in 12 months time when 1 Regt return to UK
  4. I think the current plan for 1 Regt is to move back to the UK as they convert to Lynx Wildcat which will probably be closer to 2014, however, we are due an SDR before then so I think all bets are off :D :D

    With regard to the SDR we could be out of Germany in the very near future if for instance the Army is cut by the odd 20,000 troops 8O 8O