how long will it take to get in

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by ta-wayne, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. i applied to join 217 rlc (ta) in leeds almost 6 weeks ago and had no reply or anything does it usually take this long to get in??
    (as i am ex-army i can only assume there getting my records),

    any info will help cheers
  2. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    What did you actually do to apply? Did you visit the unit, fill in an AFCO4 (Application form) and RG8 (Medical form) ?

    Permission to enlist former service personnel is usually pretty fast in being returned by Glasgow, so it's quite possible you've been forgotten about. I'd suggest calling in to the unit on their next drill night and speaking to the recruiting staff.

    We've found most holdups are due to medical forms not being completed correctly by applicants doctors.

  3. all forms was filled out along with medical forms,i also supplied passport photos photocopies of the relevent id needed ect?

    i will contact the unit on wed see if i can find out whats happening thanks alot cheers,
  4. It took me 2 months or so to get on the RLC RSC.

    After that, the first available weekend for Part 1A1 was the following month.
  5. Personally I found that from turning up at TA Centre for first time ever (as a non ex-reg) and attedning first Basic Training weekend took 6 weeks. I must admit it was all far too quick, yet credit to the CSJ when he said that if you were good enough you would be fast tracked and those that didn't demonstrate the right attitude to fitness etc... would be held back.
  6. Seemingly there is a backlog at Glasgow, or so i was told today when i phoned the unit i am joining for an update so it may be a wee while longer
  7. They are slow as hell to get back to you. I applied to 153 Field Coy REME in Grangmouth in July time. I am also ex regular. Done all the paperwork etc got optician reports the lot. Heard bugger all back about my Med date. They then phone last week and say they have lost some of my docs. Well bollocks to that i have joind 23 SAS at Hamilton and have done my Medical 1 week then paperwork next. Its funny how some are fast and the others are slow as hell.
  8. Simply reward their laziness with f*cking them off for a proper unit (as the last poster has done), if they're too idle to keep you informed they deserve to lose out.

    TA units vary vastly in quality, there are ones who have a culture of laziness and give the rest of the TA a bad name, if they can't be arrsed now, it doesn't look good for the future, you'll probably be sent on courses at the last minute with half your kit missing, have your pay f*cked up, have weekends and courses canceled at the last minute.

    Shop around, look at other units, don't just join a unit that's closest to your house or the same capbadge as you were.
  9. "you'll probably be sent on courses at the last minute with half your kit missing, have your pay f*cked up, have weekends and courses canceled at the last minute."

    I win, I win it's my Unit!!! and all in the last month!!!!
  10. i am really considdering going else where? there are a few units in leeds i know for deffo just whitch one do i join?
  11. From attending initial interview to being attested took me over 5 months,due to meidcal forms from GP who carried out recruitment medical filling the form out incorreclty.
  12. You've got everything from RAMC to SAS in leeds, there's loads to choose from.

    What do you want to do?
  13. I went into the recruiting office for signals in Leeds on something like the 20th of October. I went on a selection weekend on the 14th to the 15th of November and was attested on the 18th of November. I got my kit on the 29th of November and am starting my training in January.

    As you can see, for certain parts of the T.A. it doesn't take long at all.
  14. Good luck with Selection. You'll need it. :D
  15. thanks mate