How long will it take from application to get to RMAS

I am currently working for a company that i got a job with during my Uni years. They are quite a small company and we are about to go into really important phase in the next 6 months. However i do want to apply for a commision and a place at RMAS.

If i wanted to gain entrance to RMAS (assuming i pass the tests) for the sept intake (this year), how early would i have to apply for commision?

I just need to figure out my time lines.

Any help is much appreciated.

Bloody hell! How long is a piece of string? Which Arm or Service do you want to join? Have they got any vacancies? Etc etc etc....

I can tell you that the September intake is the most heavily over-subscribed, as all the Unis tip their rubbish onto the streets before summer, so all the 'thrusters' go to RMAS in September.

As a very rough rule of thumb, I would start the process tomorrow morning to be in with a shout. The September intake is the least fun, as it is full of no-marks who are all desparately bladerunning form Day 1 - as opposed to the more relaxed types who go in January or May! :D

Good luck!! :D
Jeesus, so you're not the field officer I took you for - Over 600 posts, and you're still a fookin' strawberry mivvie!

As for timescale, suggest you PM Joker, or someone of that ilk who's in the Offr recruiting circuit - he'll tell you what the intakes are looking like.

As for Sept intake though, if you haven't even got on the RCB process yet, I'd say no chance. Sept intake fills up mega-fast - full of keen beans, y'see, who've had their places booked since they were a glint in a dashing young subbie's eye.

Having said that, if you're old and nearly dead, they may fast track you.
Good luck, fella, and stop wasting your time on Arrse!
I would listen to all the other poster if I were you. Start now :!:

September intake is already over-subscribed and there is a waiting list of 50+ in reserve. However things will change right up to the last minute. If you are able to drop everything to get to Sandhurst at very very very very very short notice they would bump you up the list because not every one is that flexible.

When you have passed RCB you will be given the number of the Cadet Admin Cell at Sandhurst. Ring them every week and keep in touch so that they know who you are and will think of you ( :? ) when it comes to filling spaces.

Good luck!
Cheers guys,

Im sorry if i have confused some of you regarding my civ status. I never claimed to be a member of the forces, but no one really asked so i didnt really have a chance to tell any one :?

Anyway, I couldnt drop things straight away as im at a really small company (12 people max) and were just about to go into a large project which will make or break the company and i am the deputy project leader :roll: so i dont think they would be best pleased if i left in the next few months.

As for the september intake, it was really only a point to aim for. I could wait for a few more months but i keep thinking about how old i am getting and realise that these are the best years of my life and i shouldnt be spending them stuck at a desk. :(

I will have a chat with my nearest carreers officer and see what they have to say.

I am aiming for the Paras or the black wathc, but seen as how the BW are being amalgamated (and they have a freeze on recruiting at the moment) it may be a problem getting in to them.

I will keep you updated.


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