How long will it be before we replace the Rifle 5.56mm L85A2 and what with?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by drz400:), Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows when we'll replace the SA80 and if anyone knows what it would be replaced with? I've heard talk about the HK416/417?!
  2. I have heard it will be the Super Soaker 2000.
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  3. Grass that's you getting a tad wet then
  4. We'll also be phasing out grenades and replacing them with water balloons.
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  5. This:
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  6. Thats so 1996. It's all about the Super Soaker Tornado Strike these days (available in all good armouries)
  7. Given the budget combined with well-established MOD procurement procedures, I forecast that they will order 250,000 AKs for $50 each, then get BAe to upgrade them to a new spec, and end up with 20,000 for double the original total price for the lot.

    And then buy back the SAs that have been given to Bangladesh in the meantime.
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  8. A3.jpg

    This, but they're only going to place a purchase order for 30 of them to be shared out as and when needed, of course the project will be 4 years late, cost £2.3 billion and we'll only actually get 5 with a reduced tension load to allow for better interoperability, also allowing us to meet the demanding needs of a developing world with war winning equipment.
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  9. Big improvement from the SA80, do you really think they would invest that sort of money to have that great weapon?
  10. Dunno. But it will be built by a Bae subsidiary, cost billions, will be years late and won't work properly. It will eventually be given to a grown up gun manufacturer to fix, costing billions, etc.

    The will also be several knighthoods, brown paper bags stuffed with cash, and the smooth transition for several MP's into directorships.
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  11. So cynical!!!
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  12. If the MOD really wants to do us a favour, it'll be this;

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  13. And due to health & safety the bayonet will be axed and soldiers retrained to use the deadly Paddington Bear hard stare...
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  14. its probably going to be the Nerf vortex.
    this changes everything :)
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    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    On a not taking the piss note, this came from the equipment debrief team whospille to us post H13. Not until 2020 they don't know what it will be but were sure there was no uk manufacturing base that could fill the requirement (and were waiting on the yanks to decide what calibre they want 2 other NATO players to cone in 6.8? 7mm?) so at the end of my career ill at last be able to gob off what a real rifle felt like ...........!
    Then can spend my twilight years gobbling off about the SA80 on arrse.
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