How Long Will Cameron Stay Leader of the Conservatives

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Whet, May 10, 2010.

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  1. The blue rinse brigade were not universally enamoured with CMD before the election. Will he carry the can and resign or will there now be ANOTHER 'Night of the Long Knives'.

    The Poll though, is when will he go.
  2. More like when will YOUR liabour leader get out of No10, you labour troll, get back to your little cave!!!!!!!!!

    the night of the long knives might not be far away for Cyclops, if he does not stop being a squatter!!!!!!!

  3. He's gorn Stilts, gorn
  4. Who says he will be gone, if the Lib Dems go with Labour they will be siding with the party that lost the election, I give it less than 6 months and Lib Dem/Labour will be just history. You dont ignore the wishes of the MAJORITY of the voters from last weeks election without taking some of the hit when it comes.

    Bye Bye Labour
    Bye Bye Lib Dems.
  5. No he has'nt he is still sqatting in No10, can he not get the hint Labour lost the Election by 50 odd votes, lost 90 odd seats in the Election, and lost the elcection it is embarrassing for the country that he cannot see this mere fact!!

  6. Remember what happened to the Liberal party after they propped up a Labour Government in the '70's. History will repeat itself, and you will have no party to belong to Whet.
  7. Conservative = 10.7 million

    Labour = 8.6 million

    Lib Dem = 6.8 million

    Lib/Lab = 15.4 million

    Admittedly maths is not my strongest subject, however, I would suggest that the MAJORITY of the voters did not vote conservative. :D

    You can see why PR is not so attractive to some :wink:
  8. Under a FPTP system the majority of voters voted conservative.
  9. Do we live in a demoracy or a dictatorship? The country has voted out Labour with the biggest defeat since 1931, can Labour not realise this fact or not, it stinks of Brown now being like Migabwe!!!

  10. No they didn't.

    A majority of Tory MPs were returned, but only 35% of the vote returned them.
  11. CAARPS - A vote for the Lib Dems is not necessarily an anti-Tory vote, just a vote for a different party. You can't add Lib and Lab votes together and assume they'll all add up to one massive anti-Tory party.
  12. And the other 65% was split between how many other parties??
  13. "35% of the vote returned them." - 306 MP's

    Under FPTP you polled 57, unfortunately still a majority of the voting electorate voted Conservative, I was one of them and we are going to be mighty pissed off if the majority dont get our wishes.

    First hiccup of a rainbow/lib/lab alliance will see the government come crumbling down, straight into an election where we can solidify that majority and place Lib Dems into the dustbin of history yet again.

    Lib Dem conference may be held in a phone box at some seaside resort this year.
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Whet I don't usually both with your threads but in this instance I'm prepared to break a rule.

    Go fuck off you cock. Your a complete fucking numpty.
  15. Oh dear, another Tory sympathiser having a hissy fit :roll:
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