How long were you waiting?

Hi all,

I sent in my application for Briefing a couple of weeks before Christmas and there was a medical query I needed to send more info. on but it's all been sorted(I got my medical clearance in January) yet I still haven't gotten any date to head to the Briefing. I was just wondering how long on average does it normally take to hear back? At he same time I sent off an application to attend and infantry fam. visit and I got my date for that early February.

Thanks, J


Think to yourself. How would I chase this up if the internet didn't exist. Then do it.
11 posts - being fair I think you understand how this thing works.

Now, as mentioned, if the internet didn't exist...and you had to use that God given right (although apparently not given to some) called initiative; would you not think to yourself to use the contact number for AOSB booking office and enquire as to the situation and get yourself a booking date sorted.

Either that or I'm just being completely unorthodox to suggest such a plan of action.
I had to wait 2 months for an interview, and 2-3 months for a brieging date. My medical took 30 minutes to complete and 2-3 days to get a clearance from westbury.


Hmm I sent my forms off last Monday (took a month for my medical to get sorted by my GP!!!) and I got my dates early yesterday.

I actually called up on Tuesday because I was certain I forgot to put down my Email, they were very helpful and checked the status of my application, i was informed that the medical officer looks over stuff on Tuesdays then signs it off, mine was received on a Wednesday so i had to wait a week, Tuesday rolls round hey presto its all ok.

If your medicals cleared they should have sent through your dates try calling 01373 828120 (also try 80 or 00 at the end if not) those were the numbers i was given and they were very helpful.

Good Luck

Just ring them up mate, that's what I did when I needed to get medically cleared. Rang them up about a week after sending extra medical details and they told me I was cleared and gave me a briefing date there and then.
I'm trying but none of the numbers I have seem to be working, it's really head wrecking. I think I'll just wait and try again first thing Monday morning.

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