How long until RSW?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ccfc1984, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. hello all,
    I spoke to my unit regarding the recruit selection weekend and they have told me they passed my forms to Glencorse. is there a rough lead time for processing applications? Aparently my forms were passed to Glencorse 2 weeks ago. Apologies if Im just being impatient, just keen to get cracking!
  2. How long is a piece of string?

    It really depends, i handed my forms in last summer and was told i had to wait like 4 months till september but i couldnt go on that so the next one was in january, and the one after that was another 4 months
  3. thanks Ben, so Im looking at May time? ah well, at least it gives me more time on the fitness.
  4. Check out this site as it gives you a lot of information on the processes at Glencorse:

    TA Selection Scotland
  5. spot on handbag, cheers, don't know how I missed that, been searching for ages for that stuff!
  6. It's not necessarily all slow...I walked in on the 5 Feb to find out what it's all about and did my RSW on 7 March and TAFS 1 last weekend.
  7. I guess its really just when you submit the forms, in relation to the timetable. So is the initial recruit selection done in a day or a weekend?
  8. cc - it's only easy when you know where to look :wink: good luck
  9. cheers pal :D
  10. Well mine was run over a weekend although apparently this is cap badge specific as well. Here's how mine went anyway:
  11. thanks tiger. Would prefer it to be over a weekend, from what Ive read, it sounds like a lot to cram into a day.