How long until RSW?

hello all,
I spoke to my unit regarding the recruit selection weekend and they have told me they passed my forms to Glencorse. is there a rough lead time for processing applications? Aparently my forms were passed to Glencorse 2 weeks ago. Apologies if Im just being impatient, just keen to get cracking!
How long is a piece of string?

It really depends, i handed my forms in last summer and was told i had to wait like 4 months till september but i couldnt go on that so the next one was in january, and the one after that was another 4 months
It's not necessarily all slow...I walked in on the 5 Feb to find out what it's all about and did my RSW on 7 March and TAFS 1 last weekend.
I guess its really just when you submit the forms, in relation to the timetable. So is the initial recruit selection done in a day or a weekend?

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