How long until reality bites with council non jobs?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. Saw this classic this morning…

    Healthy Walks Coordinator
    Community First New Forest
    New Forest
    12 Jul 201
    £18,453 pro rata, scale point 20 16

  2. I safely reckon government at all levels could continue to function well if everyone with the word "Diversity" or "Equality" in their job title got the sack immediately.
  3. April 2011.
  4. Posted this is the 'other' thread.

    Employee Assistance Adviser
    Grade I points 28 - 36 £23,708 - £30,011 pa

    A qualified and experienced counsellor is required to ensure the provision of assistance to enable employees to better manage health or related problems and enhance their contribution to the organisation.
    Managing the relationship with the Employee Assistance Programme provider and external counsellors, in addition to providing face to face counselling yourself, you will ensure that the needs of the business are met in supporting employees. You will also provide a means of responding to psychological emergencies in the workplace.
    You will be motivated in providing efficient, organisationally focussed counselling services and have the ability to work within a multi-disciplinary team and communicate effectively at all levels within the business and with external agencies.
    You will think creatively and have a solution focussed approach and be comfortable in managing service provision and contracts. In addition, you’ll need a willingness to learn and develop within the Occupational Health role.

    WTF is a ' psychological emergency'???
  5. Auld-Yin

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    Ask Fabio this afternoon :D
  6. Employee Assistance Adviser
    Grade I points 28 - 36 £23,708 - £30,011 pa

    AKA landlord/barstaff
  8. Given that posters on here are highly critical of the military for its supposed lack of care for its employees around psychological and mental health issues I'm I surprised by this attitude. This job sits within Occupational Health and is a reasonable job description and grading (though full of jargon).

    As it's for a council this means including looking after social services staff after they've been assaulted or involved in a horrendous child abuse case or have to deal with things like (in my region) a 12 year old hanging themselves in a care setting. That's what it means by psychological emergency, and sadly they're more common in these services than anyone would be happy with. Despite the cost it's cheaper to provide this kind of service than to have the staff off for very extended periods of time.

    I'm all for criticising non jobs but this isn't one of them.
  9. Allow me to 'Army' this for you.

    The job itself is a counselling, providing support to the mentally vulnerable/mentally ill/stressed workers. When the person is unable to do this, they are to refer the person to someone who can then make sure that the treatment is working.

    Psychological emergencies - Imagine that Tim Jones has left the Army after serving across the world, then suddenly freaks out in work 5 years later, throws his desk out a 4 story window and goes mental. He's just completely broken down from PTSD after a call from his wife saying his brother has been killed in a car accident (true story, name has been changed). The job of the counseller would be then to calm the induvidual down and ensure that they received proper treatment instead of being fired on the spot.

    In a large business, this type of job role can and does save thousands of man hours and pounds in lost earnings by ensuring that staff take less time off ill, and are more efficient. This is often considerably more than what the staff member is paid.
    The issue to consider is where is this being advertised and what qualifications are being sought (is it hippie types, or registered mental health professionals?). Massive difference between a massive county council/major NHS trust and littlesworth parish council.

    Also: pipped to the post with the description, but bugger am i deleting all that after writing it.

    Edit: i once attended ('you there, the department needs someone to attend this, put down what you're doing and nip up to the conference room') a 'course' on how to understand (and write) these job description things. Telling my boss 'you know, if we didn't write such complete bullsh*t then we might get more qualified people interested' didn't go down well...

    Complete waste of my afternoon. :x
  10. It's Gloucester City Council and it's not an NHS post.
  11. Birmingham has its own foreign affairs department.
  12. It is for a qualified and experienced counsellor and would prob attract applicants who have a background in psychotherapy or even psych nurses who are appropriately trained in CBT/counselling or solution focussed brief therapies. As it's in occupational health they'd be expected to work under NHS governance standards.

    It's a terrible job description though, as Mr. Dep points out, as there's a fair amount of management buried in it.
  13. So when your boss says, "So, what did you think?" on no account tell him!
  14. I did get more than a little upset when the hospital managed to find the cash for dancing lesbians while telling my wife to "go home and die" because they didn't have a bed to put her in when she arrived at A&E choking on her own body fluids.

    It's not just councils that have a fondness for non-jobs. I saw an ad on the NHS site for a "Carbon Footprint Reduction Manager" on £90k plus expenses and relocation. Part of my wife's "treatment" involved sessions with a complimentary therapist employed by our hospital, who claimed to heal cancer patients by projecting "energies" from her hands and from a bag of magic crystals that she kept in her consulting room.

    People are rightly angry about public bodies spending money on whatever happens to be flavour of the month with the loony left while failing to provide basic services to those in desperate need.

  15. My boss doesn't ask my advice, he tells me!