How long until new American 'zombie' drug crosses the Atlantic?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Great - you don't even have guns here to defend yourself! :)
  2. Aye, but bows and arrows aren't on the banned list.........are they?
  3. An S10 and a cricket bat, with an optional liberal sprinkling of 6 inch nails through it, is sufficient to deal with most situations in life I find.
  4. Forgot about the Type 45 cricket ball shooting abilities. Is it fitted for but not with Zombie defense capabilities? :)
  5. Doubt we'll see much of it. It's not the sort of thing that's good for business if you're a drug dealer.
  6. I get your point leveller, but then niether is taking Es on top of vast quantities of water. I haven't seen any nstructions for use inscribed in to the tablets yet.
  7. Very few though die from E compared to the amount that take it. And they tend to only kill themselves.

    This is not a social drug, and knocks the repeat business model out of kilter.
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  8. Anyway, we don't need guns.....have you not seen Shaun of the Dead?
  9. The problem with 'Cloud 9' appears to be (from what I have read) that it is either a single drug (Cloud 9 is a group name, rather than a single... er, product) affecting people or the spectrum of the group affecting individuals.

    It is sold, as most 'designer drugs' are, as 'bath salts', and apparently is undetectable by current drug screening.

    It is said (hence the name) to mimic Ectasy or cocaine. And whilst generally snorted can be smoked, inhaled as vapour, injected or ingested...

    From what I gather, no one knows how the 'zombies' had taken Cloud 9 before eating faces.
  10. Whoever produced this batch, if they haven't already, is for a big slap, from those above and below them on the chain.

    Some 'designer' drugs are less harmful than the drug they are trying to mimic.
  11. Can't wait...might clear the streets of some of the scum!
  12. I keep thinking of the 51st state, when that gang spend 24 hours on the bog with D&V after what his face who was in the phantom menace knocks up a batch of D7V drgs...
  13. Seems to me that you know a 'tad' more about this drug than perhaps is healthy, anything that you want to share with us CF?
  14. Pathological desire to read everything on the t'interweb, whilst not being able to leave the room.