How long until I can expect to face the AOSB? and other questions..

Hey everyone. First time poster, so I hope you can be of some assistance and there isn't a sticky somewhere that I've ignored.

Last Friday I took my first step into joining the Army as an officer and went down to my ACO. I filled in the forms and had a brief chat with a lovely lady who double checked that I had all of the basic qualifications and sent me on my way with an information pack. The senior careers adviser has made an appointment with me later this week for the more formal interview, as he was too busy to see me that day. Am I right in treating this like a job interview and dressing formally? I do see a lot of people leaving wearing suits.

Now, forgive me if I'm horribly wrong- but from what I understand and everything is kosher, I will be forwarded to the AOSB stage?

Now- here's my most important question: How long can I expect to face the board, and if I decide the next slot is too soon can I postpone it?

This is not down to me being unsure, but a question of the MSFT. I feel fine about the tests and interviews- but an illness (that will cause no recurring problems!) put me out of action about 3 months ago, and I've only just returned to the gym. I'm heavier than I should be, and my stamina has gone- I reckon I could only manage about a 5 on the beep test at the moment when I need to get myself up to at least an 8.1 (although, I know I should be doing better than that). I worry about being allocated a slot that gives me not enough time to train to the standard required, and having to look like a dithering unsure mess when I ask to postpone it.

Any other tips will be welcomed. It's taken a long time to realise this is what I want to do with my life, and I'm so excited already :) Thank you very much!
No doubt, suited and booted... if you go in low slung jeans showing your pants, a Super Dry t-shirt and red baseball boots you'll end up in the RLC or worse.


The next step after your interview - assuming the interview goes well - will be the AOSB Briefing at which you will do the MSFT and an obstacle course. You need to get close to the RMAS entry standard on the MSFT and put in a good time on the obstacles or you will get a 'delay' (normally 3 or 6 months) before you can return for the Main Board. The best advice is not to arrive at Westbury for the Briefing until you are confident about your physical fitness. Having said that, it shouldn't take long to reach the standard if you put a bit of time and effort into it: fitness is the easiest part of AOSB to get right.
Yes, exactly. Until you arrive at your regiment, pretty much any contact with the Army (less most of RMAS, should you be successful) is a job interview. Dressing smartly (suit + tie) is a good start; people do judge based on first impressions.
I'm a girl, so I assume a smart dress and nice shoes will suffice? :D

Thanks for all of your responses, have downloaded a beep test app and will test myself at the gym later. It seems like fitness is the only thing you can prepare for!
Go for job interview stuff - female suit equivalent. If you don't have a suit, get a smart jacket that you can wear over a blouse or top. Oh and await the requests from others here for your photo...

Good luck. I would say that fitness is the easiest to prepare for and once you have it, another thing that you won't have to worry about as you progress through RMAS. The guys in my Platoon that started RMAS unfit, struggled with fitness the whole way through. Consequently, it affected their whole time at Sandhurst.

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