How long until a white supremacist takes a pot shot at Obama

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Doc_Henry, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. How long do people reckon it will be until some nut job from texas takes a shot at the soon to be president of the US of A?

    and may i add i believe Obama is the first president in decades to show some real qualities of doing something good for our "beloved allies" :roll:

    Within 24hrs?
  2. No idea. I would be employing a bus load of body doubles though
  3. I can hear the rednecks loading up their Hunting rifles and polishing the purple helmet of Uncle Cleetus one last time before heading out on their Crusade.

    I give him 2 weeks after taking up his post.
  4. Can we start a Death Pool?

    I say the next time Friday the 13th comes around.
  5. i would be suprised if he makes it for longer than 6 months if he gets in. we were only talking about this in the office today.
  6. I'd give him no longer than a year before the hicks mount up in the inbred mobile and try shooting the poor sod. They should stick to eating chicken and sleeping with their relatives.
  7. It'll depend on how long it takes for him to seriously consider renationalising the private money-printing factory called the "Federal Reserve". It was given away to private enterprise at the beginning of the 20th Century and since then Septics have been paying interest through the nose on any dosh printed and put into circulation. The renationalisation would, at a stroke, nullify a very large part of what is termed as the "national debt".

    It did for John Kennedy in the end and I wonder whether Obama will have the moxy to do it. We live in interesting times.

  8. I don't think he's going to win...

    A local, (I'm near Detroit), radio station conducted a very scientific experiment during today's "Morning Show" that indicates that McCain has about 15% lead.

    The methodology was unique. They went down to a footbridge over the eastbound lanes of InterState 94 leading into the city with two big signs. One said "Honk once for Obama" and the other said "Honk twice for McCain". Now, despite the fact it takes twice the effort to honk twice, McCain had 184(?) and Obama just 150ish at the end of the show.

    I really hope they're right because the world is simply not ready for the United Soviet States of America... :toilet:
  9. Right! Well that method certainly fulfills all the criteria of a scientific analysis. :D :D :D

  10. Bet the secret service Loooooooove that you can legally buy .50 rifles in the states....... How many Rednecks are sat watching "Shooter" as training film as we type?
  11. I'll give him till New Years eve, if he gets passed that date he'll go on to be one of America's best assets. Once he drags all his forces out of AFG and Iraq he'll be deemed the new messiah.
  12. About 6 months ago I mentioned to a septic friend - obama, he'll get it - just like JFK. McD. as in democracy, you just can;t beat it. My ticket has always been Woody Allen and Bette Midler as VP. Show the fcukers who rules, eh? And the first Vietnamese First Lady, I love ya morals Woody, just a schicksa, eh?
  13. I reckon he gots til the day he gets sworn in. Too many idiots in America are just too stupid to accept a black man leading them.
  14. Color is absolutely the issue...

    But it's not so much that he's black as the fact he's a fekking pinko...
  15. we've got our first suspect, airborne aircrew.