How long to wait?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wg100, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. I am currently waiting on a substantial amount of back pay to be paid to me. I have been in contact with the relevant people in the CoC chasing things up, however this dates back to Feb/Mar this year. Obviously JPA coming in didn't help matters, but I'm repeatedly told that the delay is down to a back office backlog on processing spreadsheets and that it 'should appear in this months pay'. Nobody can give me a straight answer on:
    a) when the money will be in my bank account.
    b) just how much I am to expect.

    On a personal level I find this unacceptable. In a civvie job the payroll dept would be expected to sort pay issues out pretty rapidly. I've now been waiting for almost 8 months with nothing in sight.

    How long do I wait before escalating things? Having said that, how would I go about doing so?
  2. I have been waiting now for 11 months for pay. I wouldn't hold your breath mate.
  3. Take legal advice under "employer with holding-pay"

    Then present the legal letter that the solicitor would produce for you into the RAO and push it up the chain

    Should get results fairly quickly as was a case at my unit....

    Yet again another example of double std's -

    if you owed THEM money, its gone within a month from your wage, or your labelled a debter and charged

    But if the Army owes you, well that ok then... just sit quietly.

    I think not!!!
  4. Go to your pay office and demand an Early Payment In Cash (EPIC) for all money due. It is not difficult for them to do and they then deduct it from your pay once it is sorted out.
  5. I ended up calling JPA who've now said finally I will get paid in December. I doubt very much that I'll get paid the right amount, but at least it is getting somewhere. My unit would not have paid me in cash and pushing threats of legal action would not have made me the most popular bunny with any level of the CoC. Calling seemed to work best for me - fingers crossed.
  6. "pushing threats of legal action would not have made me the most popular bunny with any level of the CoC.."

    funny how when there names are mentioned they hide behind rank isnt it...
  7. No point in demanding an EPIC as it is recovered on the next payrun. So back to square one.

    We have guys still waiting on money back despite faxes to APC in Feb 07, IRP Spreadsheets and the new spreadsheets.

    We await an official answer from JPAC!

  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    It appears you now have a proper complaints procedure with its own boss Here may be an idea to use it.
  9. I will ask then, what back pay are you waiting for,as I can tell you now all IRP spreadsheets have been dealt with so someone is blowing smoke up your arrse. Give us more details and I will look into it
  10. However the complaints commissioner is not actually in post until January as she is apparently undergoing a "comprehensive induction process". Basically being taught how to fob people off... no changes there then.
  11. check your pm
  12. Got same problem, especially as it is a Pre JPA legacy issue-awaiting Nov pay statement. Will try AGAI 80 if not resolved. Might try the legal route after that.
  13. Ewan2000 I have guys waiting on refund of food accom for period Jan - Mar 06 due to living out, a guy who is owed 1 months promotion pay due to a typo on UNIMONG and another who was instr on Ex SNOW WARRIOR and should have got Field Conditions.

    All were on IRP spreadsheet - first line was actioned and remainder not. Faxes were sent to APC in Feb 07 and have since submitted the new style spreadsheet.

    We await this months payrun with hope......

  14. Jock, to be honest I wouldn't rely on these spreadsheets anymore, you would be better sending up an I Support for each individual case, wait for the outcome then use the Tiger Team system. If your RAWO knows the desk officer involved with your unit they normally assist greatly in getting payments actioned. Unless the guys are strapped for cash I wouldnt bother using the EPIC system through the FSA as this will only compound the problem and confuse the guys even more as to what they owe and are owed.
  15. Ewan we have already I Supported all matters and been told to submit on spreadsheets - again! We await with bated breath.

    As for RAWO we don't have one and I suppose I am as near as we get!!

    As for EPICs I agree in my humble they are truly useless!