How long to wait?


First I'd like to say I have used the search but haven't found anything as accurate as I want

I am finishing college this year and will have my results by August and will be going straight to the army careers the same day!

But I was wondering how long the waiting list is to join up as an electrician, if anyone else has joined lately how long did it take before you could go in? I'm hoping this recession hasn't made more people want to go in because they cant get a job out here, no doubt making the waiting list longer



Don't wait until then to go into the careers office, get in there as soon as you can! There is no point in waiting to start your application. The earlier you can get the balling rolling, the more it will benefit you and the less you will have to wait in the long run.

Don't think by starting the application now it will somehow hinder, or get in the way of your college, it won't. I imagine electrician is a popular choice so get in there ASAP mate!
My application has been running for nearly 2 months now and my first job choice is electrician in the RE. I am just awaiting my medical back from the doctor.
But i'm already a qualified eletrician, so does anybody know if I would get fast tracked through or something once i pass phase 1?
My first post, so sorry if its a wrong category or something!


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The chances of you getting fast tracked are slim, specifically because it is a set syllabus that you will cover and you will cover aspects of military stuff that you may not have seen before.


Im going in the R.E and I applied last January and start 22nd Nov so expect a giant wait, the officer told me the R.E are pretty full up at the moment so intakes are slow o_0.

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