How Long To Report Damage

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by CptDanjou, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. A mate bought a piece of furniture over a month ago ,he has only just got around to opening the box only to find its damaged , has he got any rights because of the time scale ?
  2. A quick phone call to your local trading standards will provide a speedy answer. I had to reason to phone them up once when I was still in the shop and I was given good practical advice which I was able to relay on to the shop manager who was stood in front of me.
  3. The law says you are entitled to a "reasonable" time to inspect the goods and if faulty you can reject the goods thereafter. However, the million dollar question is what constitutes "reasonable time" and there is no hard and fast rule in this regard. If paid for with a credit card or part of the costs were funded by a CC, call the card company and put them on notice of the damage. they become equally liable for a breach of contract and generally get involved in a dispute as they dont want to end up in the County Court. As rgjbloke says Trading Standards or Citizens advice will help.
  4. He paid by debit card and it was 5 weeks ago so it looks like he`s buggered as 5 weeks is more than a reasonable ammount of time.
  5. Not necessarily. Buying furniture and the reasonable inspection time is longer than say a DVD. What you have to overcome is the possibility that the item was damaged in that period. So let's say, for example, he had it delivered, but was on holiday or working away for a month then that is, arguably, "reasonable" it's only just been inspected. I think it's still worth a punt regardless.