How long to recover from a potts fracture to the ankle?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by walt_of_the_walts, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. I fell down a flight of stairs just after Christmas and fractured my fibia at the base of the bone, tearing off the ligament conecting it to the ankle, and broke it halfway up the the shin. It was screwed with two screws and I was in plaster for seven weeks. Now out of plaster and screws removed and partial weight bearing, but still a bit swollen.

    I think the worst of the damage was to the tissues around the fracture, rather than the fractures themselves

    I am not able to walk without sticks yet, but it is getting stronger. I cant support all my weight on the one leg without pain, but can stand still on two.

    How long before walking unaided? How long before running (okay trotting, I'm a fat bassa)

    How long before I can risk it on rough ground/training areas and assault courses for example?

    Any advice gratefully received...

  2. See your RMO. Ask for a referral to Physio ASAP. You should have been referred as soon as you were out of the POP. Now about 3/12 post injury you should be undergoing daily treatment, preferrably in your nearest Rehab Unit/swimming pool/whatever.
  3. go with what border-collie has said - RMO to RRU

    let the specialists advice you - and dont be tempted to cut any corners!!

    bones take 6 weeks to heal after breaking
    muscle wastage due to being in plaster - another 6 weeks on to of this (thats 3 months out of the way)
    simple sprains and strains take 6 weeks too - but most peeps think it feels better after a week then carry on 'normal jogging'= bad idea (6 weeks rest means 6 WEEKS REST)

    Your biggest danger - is your ligament damage - this is a career killer if you dont take the advice the physio terrorists and beast masters give you.

    If you end up downgraded - it is for your physical (and career) protection, dont take it as a personal insult.

    Diet - because you are now not as physically active - cut down on your intake a bit
    This is a common problem, peeps eat what they would do normally - but if your not burning it off at work, youll just pile on the pounds and then add to your problems