How long to recover from a Excision of Pilonidal Sinus?

As stated above, but asking you medical types. It was removed last Friday, and I am being quoted bewteen 2 weeks and 1 Year! But then thats civvies for you..... So could any of you Medical Types help? And yes it does hurt! and for the members of the Forum that don't know what this is but would like to see pictures......

Hope that helps?

Have suffered with this for quite a while (it reccurs - sorry)

The first time, i had it removed under general anesthetic, it was about 6 weeks to initially recover but was about 3-5 months before i was fully on top form.
My second recurrance burst on its own, and recovered in about 3 weeks, the last time, the doc took it out under a local and recovery was much quicker, about 2 weeks!

Advice - lots of bathing and get the dressings changed as often as possible, twice daily if they will do it (or get your other half to).

the lads here have given you some key info - but everyone is different!

PA Sinus - used to be known as 'Secretarys Disease' cos people that sit on the arrse all day are prone to it AGC(SPS) beware !! caused by an ingrown hair.

Good personal hygiene, having it cleaned and re-packed (not too tightly packed) daily to allow it to heal from the inside out - should take on average 3 weeks

dont rush it - it the skin grows over the wound too quickly, the remaining fluid will just cause further infections and more trips to see the man with the shakey hand and blunt knife :oops:
Ha ha unlucky mate, I went through one of those mofo's six years ago. When I had it excised it looked like a .50 cal exit wound on my arrse!! It must be true about people that sit on their arrses getting them as I am ex signals.

Like the above says get the dressing changed EVERY day without fail. I used to have a bath first thing then toddle of to the MRS to get it packed again. It took mine two months to heal up but it depends on how big your is. Get some super strength pain killers and eat a good diet. That's probably the quickest way to recovery. Enjoy!

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